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You know what it's like - you're out on the hills and it's time to make a brew or a meal. You get the kit out and find that in your rush to get away earlier you didn't clean the pan/mug/spoon and now it's all looking a bit unhealthy. To add insult to injury all your tinder for your wood-burner is damp, you've run out of belly-button fluff, it's rained all day and you can't find any dry stuff to get you started.

You need one of these:




These handy wipes are brilliant - not only do they kill a multitude of nasty bugs that might be contaminating your cookset, they also burn like stink at the slightest provocation so they're great for starting your twig-furnace. If you click the pics to see the bigger versions you can read the box-blurb to see just what's what.

The wipes are in individual sealed foil sachets and have a 4-year shelf-life. Each sachet is a measly 5g. These boxes of 20 are currently on sale again for just £1.49 at Aldi.

Just one bit of advice - don't keep them in your first-aid kit. Accidentally use one of these instead of an antiseptic wipe to clean up a wound and it's not a pleasant experience.

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2 Responses to “Wipeout”

  1. Mike Bell says:

    And I presume using one as a baby wipe would bring a tear to the eye!

  2. BG! says:


    Probably, though I don't intend to test your presumption. Just thinking of it is bringing tears to my eyes 😯

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