A new day

Posted by @ 8:35 pm on Saturday 26th May, 2007.

So, what should I blog about today? So much has happened, so much is left unfinished. Let's take it one step at a time and see how it goes.

I sold my Vango TBS Tempest 200 to a nice OMer. He's got a bargain - Since I bought this one in early 2006 I've only used this one for two nights in Wasdale, aside from that it's been pitched on the lawn a couple of times and that's it. The new owner will also get a home-made GSP and some spare lightweight pegs etc.. I hope that he gets good use from the tent, it's been in captivity for far too long, it needs releasing into the wild ASAP! As a replacement I've ordered a 1-2 man tent for summer wildcamping use, not superlightweight at sub-3kg, but that's all I need. Details to follow in due course.

Bought a selection of Sea to Summit mesh sacks from WT via Amazon. The medium size ones will suffice for all sorts of stuff, the large and extra-large were bought specifically for carrying saturated tentage on the outside of the pack.

Now, don't laugh, but I bought a JML Magnicard. When I'm "on the hill", I take my specs but never wear them, primarily because I don't really need them. Besides, they're forever steamed up or frosted over, so they are a waste of time, but I've always carried them for those map-reading moments. But from now on they can stay back at base, as the Magnicard is excellent for map-reading. It's the size of a credit-card, gives a clear view and it's got an integral light which is perfect for night-time mapwork. It weighs a paltry 10g, that's a lot less than my specs + case.


Well, Rab's been fixed, he's been back with me since Thursday. The repair work is excellent, credit to Paynes Ford for that. Mind you, SWMBO is a relative of the founder, so if I didn't get good service I would have to send her in to get matters sorted! The courtesy-car company still haven't collected their Rav4 yet, so we're overrun with vehicles here.


I've been out with the hedge-trimmers again! All 60 yards of the privet boundary have been given a "short back and sides". The remaining 50 yards of boundary are fenced, so I'll have to spend a couple of days renewing my acquaintance with my creosote brush very soon. As for the plants, well, that's a mixed bag... the herb border is flourishing, the wild native plant area is, well, wild as would be expected, but the French Beans aren't showing at all. Mind you, that's the French for you, they either turn up late or not at all 🙂


Me and OM are no longer together. It's a shame, really, because there are so many people on there who I call friends, and some of them even reciprocate! Anyway, the reasons for my departure are plain for those who are willing to look, so I don't need to go into depth on here, let it suffice to say that a known antagonist was the source of irritation, but moderation (which I requested) was inadequate and as a consequence the matter was allowed to get out of hand. That was the straw that broke this camel's back.
Hmmm... so I'm a "weak willed, pathetic individual", according to the antagonist. Or did I see the true situation, assess it properly and then have the courage of my convictions to take an appropriate course of action? Who can say? It was certainly harder to leave that it would have been to stay.

What's next?

We're off to Okehampton next week for a YHA Family multi-activity break. Sadly, mountain-biling (stet), cross-training and rowing aren't on the activity list!

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5 Responses to “A new day”

  1. john hee says:

    Oy! Back into OM you swine.

    That particular issue has been sorted, and OM needs all the off beat humour we can get on there.

    Don’t let one uphisownar5e tw*t spoil it for you mate. 😉

    Back on that bicycle!

  2. Kev says:

    Hi Stef.

    Sorry that you’ve had such a hard time on OM recently and, more importantly, that you’ve upped sticks and left. I know how you feel; I go through phases of finding OM, or rather some of the posters, deeply annoying. When that happens, I take a break, sometimes for months at a time. Unlike you tho’, nobody’s ever missed me 😮 ) But, as a smoker who owns dogs, wears Paramo, thinks Buffs are great and drives a 4X4, I’m never likely to win an OM popularity contest 😮 )

    Hope to see you back over there at some point.

    Cheers the noo, Big Man.


  3. Scott says:

    I can rarely even read the OM forum stuff these days when it gets antagonistic. It is, of course, a damn sight easier to pop up on a forum every now & again and behave like a belligerent shouty tosser, than to add something to the proceedings with a bit of wit and understanding. Which is why forums like that need folk like yourself, Stef.

    So, I understand entirely why you got scunnered, but it’d be good if you did decide to wander back over there at some point. Warm welcome guaranteed. It’ll be just like when Norm walks into the bar in Cheers.

    Orrabest anyhoo.



    ps - Kev’ll translate “scunnered” if need be, I’m sure.

  4. Mike Bell says:

    Hi ho oh Bearded one

    Sorry to see all this aggro on OM of late, I’ve never taken to that chap and rarely read anything he has to say.
    Hope all tick borne illness is cured too. I’m off to walk from Coniston to Ravenglass tomorrow for some inane reason.
    Keep yer pecker up, and give me a holler if you’re going up the Lakes over summer.
    I’ll be at Hollins from Aug 19-22.

    Mike The Doctor

  5. BG! says:

    Hi Folks

    Thanks to you all for your messages of support - they’re much appreciated.

    “Scunnered” is a great term, on a par with “banjaxed”, I reckon 🙂

    Mike - I’ve told SWMBO about your birthday bash, she’s keen, I’ll keep you posted.

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