Impaired egress

Posted by @ 9:59 am on Friday 4th February, 2011.

Here's a big sarcastic "WELL DONE" to Jackie - mobile hairdresser and inconsiderate parker of Suzuki Ignis, registration number Y847GDU.

Please note that the next time you park either partially or wholly across the entry/exit of our driveway, I'll be reporting you to the police, and I'll be telling them just how often you block us in/out. That might make you consider apologising for making my wife late for work, rather than just walking off in a care-free manner and saying nowt.

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11 Responses to “Impaired egress”

  1. Living as I do just a couple of minutes walk from the sea, we get a lot of day trippers parking in our road.
    One day I even had one actually park on my drive ensuring there was no way that i could get my car out of my garage. I won't relate the entire sorry tale, but it is quite interesting what you can do with a borrowed wheel clamp and then a short walk to a pub before getting back home at about 2300hrs. Lets just say that they will be thinking a lot more carefully where they park their car in future.....!

  2. Scott says:

    We used to get that occasionally, but it pretty much stopped once I realised how much of a head of steam you can get up with a fully loaded wheelie bin.

    I mean, the average inconsiderate visiting parker isn't to know whether it's bin collection day or not. And accidents will happen.


  3. Daniel says:

    Maybe you should speak to her and let her know that it's annoying you. Maybe she genuinley doesn't realise. Some people have problems with spacial awareness.

  4. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Daniel
    Some people have problems with spacial awareness.

    True, Daniel, but if it's bad surely such people shouldn't drive. I mean, not knowing where the back-end of her car was in relation to the road and to other road-users, especially when she'd walked past said back-end to get to her customer's house, is a sure sign that she shouldn't be allowed to be in control of almost a tonne of mobile killing-machine.

    It wasn't a case of poor spacial awareness, it was a case of "fuck it, I'll park it wherever I like regardless of anybody else's rights". Her attitude and demeanour confirmed it, as if I was in the wrong for asking her to move it.

  5. alan.sloman says:

    Most cars have a spare wheel. I don't know of any that carry two in the unfortunate event of having two flat tyres.

    You could then be a gentleman and help her pump them up, when you have the time of course, by which time she might have missed her next appointment...

  6. whocares says:

    whining wanker, plenty of space to get out of that drive. Your wife is clearly an idiot who should not be behind the wheel of a Car.

  7. BG! says:

    @whocares -
    Thanks for that. I'll show your comment to my wife, I'm sure she'll be impressed.

  8. ChrisP says:

    @whocares - Surprising that you should take that attitude. Your ip address is Dutch. I work for a Dutch company and most of my colleagues in the Netherlands behave honourably, with only the odd exception on the odd occasion. I clearly couldn't back out of the drive straight, it had to be at an angle and as I am a bit more considerate than said hairdresser, I went back into the house to ask BG! to back me out to make absolutely sure that I did not damage her car. Mind you, our drive takes 2 cars and when BG! had to back out his long estate car with trailer attached - he had no choice but to ask her to move it.

    Your ip address must be wrong, you clearly can't be Dutch - in my experience they are much more logical and rational than you seem to be!;-)

  9. I sympathise with your problem, but your post rekindled a subject that has nagged me for a long time: where do manufacturers get those silly names from for their car models. Here are a few I found at random: Aygo, Auris, Bipper/Tepee, Kuga

  10. BG! says:

    @Conrad R. (Sir Hugh) - Agreed, they do seem to be scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to finding these names. That said, it's a tad less boring than the Teutonic insistence on an alphanumeric system... Mercedes S500, Audi A5, BMW Z4...

    Sadly this silly-name thing is beginning to affect the outdoors industry - for starters there's the Jetboil Sol Ti (which always sounds like it's been over-seasoned) and this offering from OMM, no doubt there are other examples of this creeping malaise.

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