Posted by @ 6:22 pm on Friday 17th December, 2010.
Categories: Illness and injury

Today I had three root-canal fillings to try to delay the inevitable extraction of one cracked tooth. The anaesthetic has worn off and despite me maxing-out on Ibuprofen the pain is considerable and predicted to persist for up to three weeks.

After finding and reading this (via this post), however, I realise that a little toothache is small-change compared to what others go through.

Harrowing. I can't think of a more suitable word.

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3 Responses to “Numb”

  1. scott says:

    Sounds rubbish Stef.

    Odd coincidence. I stumbled across that story about the poor soul that joined Greenboots about a week ago, on one of the cable Channels that I watch once in a blue moon. There was a huge difference of opinion amongst members of the particular summit party they were interviewing about whether more should have been done to try and help. IIRC when they passed the cave on the way back down, a couple of the Sherpas had a closer look, dragged him out, and managed to get him upright and stagger a couple of steps (supported obviously), before he succumbed. It was at that point, apparently, that he managed to tell them what his name was.

    Brutal stuff, whatever the accurate version of events may be.

  2. BG! says:

    What you say about the live bloke in the Green Boots cave may be true, Scott, I don't know the truth and probably never will. I was horrified more by the sight of corpses lying in the snow, abandoned and shunned souls who once had lives, ambitions and feelings.

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