Two wrongs don’t make a Right of Way

Posted by @ 1:36 pm on Sunday 28th November, 2010.
Categories: Car stuff, LMAO!

What is it about sub-zero conditions that turns drivers into feckwits? Shortly after reading Mike's post about driving in snow and ice, I went out for a short but eventful walk into town to purchase some goodies from Tesco. We've had hardly any snow here, the roads are fairly clear but that which has fallen is now iced. Slippage wasn't a problem for me - the AKU Crodas with traction control coped with ease. For others, it was a different matter...

The fun began while I attempted the traverse of the North Face of Tesco car-park, heading for the safety of the col at the cash-machine. There are clearly-marked direction arrows and give-way marks painted on the ground, and adequate signage, to let drivers know that it's a one-way system. This system serves several purposes - for starters it eases of the flow of vehicles along the narrow lanes between the parked vehicles, furthermore it makes the place safer for pedestrians (after all, the car-park is a pedestrian area).

So, there I was crossing the tarmac when a car turns the corner, contrary to the one-way system, and heads directly towards me. I wasn't too chuffed. I waved at the driver and pointed to the arrows on the road. His response was a two-fingered greeting. As I passed his window, I said "It's a one-way system, Sir." The response was  "F*ck off!" so I did - on Sundays I can do without the hassle. He drove off, clipping my shopping-bag and scattering pedestrians in his wake.

Not 20 yards further on, the same thing happened again, this time with a wannabe rally-driver in a Scooby. Same set of responses. This time, I didn't "F*ck off", I told the bloke that he was in a pedestrian area and that, driving like he was and in such conditions, an accident was on the cards. He called me a c*nt and put his foot down, I turned and headed on my way.

Seconds later I heard the bang, the crunch and the cursing. He'd run into another car. I couldn't see which one from where I was, but I remember laughing rather too loudly and hoping that he'd ran into the first feckwit that I'd encountered. "Who's the c*nt now?", I thought.

Sweet justice.

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7 Responses to “Two wrongs don’t make a Right of Way”

  1. alan.sloman says:

    😀 I liked that a lot. If I had been you I would have gone back to see the accident and made helpful remarks to the innocent party about the other's driving habits. Rudeness should be punishable by stoning. Hand me that big pointy rock...

  2. Maz says:

    Or you could've taken a picture, given it to the police and he'd have got some points and made a nice contribution to HM Treasury for careless driving. I'm embarrassed as a one-time Scooby enthusiast & rally driver.

  3. BG! says:

    There were enough witnesses, I wouldn't have been needed. As for the notion of me taking a picture, I didn't have my camera or phonecam with me. Hopefully footage of the incident was captured on the CCTV that monitors the area.

  4. It's wonderful when the wheel of Karma revolves so quickly...!

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