Review – Merrell Chameleon Wrap Slams – The First Few Weeks

Posted by @ 10:45 am on Monday 16th August, 2010.
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Just a quick update on the Merrell Chameleon Wrap Slams from Fitness Footwear Ltd....

I've worn them almost every day and so far they've given me no discomfort despite the size-issue that I mentioned in my initial review. My toes are still close to the end of the toe-box, but I've suffered no "toe-bash" yet. That said, I've not done any serious up-and-down walking in them yet, as the opportunity for that sort of activity has yet to arise.

The uppers are showing few signs of wear and they're easy to clean - after getting them caked in mud I just hosed them down and let them dry in the sunlight. I can live with that sort of maintenance regime.

The soles have retained their impressive grip (they provided excellent traction on damp grass when I wore them for a power-kiting session) and they are wearing evenly, which suggests that they are well-suited to the way that I walk. I find the scaly, reptilian sole-pattern quite appealing - they leave curious foot-prints which the kids find amusing.

One very minor gripe - the combination of the thick ankle-padding and the fabric that covers it is a magnet for the spiky stuff that gorse and heather throw at your feet as you walk by. Thorns and similar pointy bits tend to get embedded quite easily and it's worth digging them out now and again before get in too deep. Once they get fully beyond the fabric they can poke back through and spike you at will, and they're a sod to get out.

I noticed quite early on that I couldn't get on with the way that the tongues kept pulling up on my toes during the course of a walk, so I re-laced them to bypass the tongue lace-tabs. This is a much better set-up for me.

So far I'm very impressed with their performance, I just need to give them a proper work-out on some rugged terrain. We're scheduled to spend a weekend in the Lake District sometime soon, I'll wear them then (if the conditions are suitable) and report back accordingly.


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4 Responses to “Review – Merrell Chameleon Wrap Slams – The First Few Weeks”

  1. Abdenour says:

    I bought a pair few years ago here in Canada and now they're discontinued and can't find them. If you know where I can get them at a reasonable price please let me know !..I just love how they fit and walk.

  2. BG! says:

    @Abdenour - Google is the way to go, plenty still available here in the UK via the web.

  3. HikerCDN says:

    Absolutely swear by the Merrell Chameleon Leather Slam 4's, or Wrap Slam 4's. I wear them daily and for agressive mtn hiking/scrambling/climbing/running. They have lasted 5 years before wearing out... and the only thing to wear was the fact that the sole finally delaminated from the rest of the shoe. Incredibly comfortable, long lasting, durable hiking and everyday cross training shoe. I've owned 100s of different kinds of shoes, and nothing comes close to these. They now cost $170+ a pair here in Canada, but they are worth every penny. * Note - they are now sold out across North America for 2012. I just ordered two pairs online.. One from Australia, and another from the UK!
    I hope Merrell re-releases them again for 2013 in Black. Wonderful shoe....
    Thanks Merrell.

  4. Abdenour says:

    HikerCDN, where about are you ? mine are Chameleon-2 not 4, I googled the 4 and they look slightly different. Do you mind sharing your contact ?

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