Summer Hols – Part 3 – The journey to Feddet

Posted by @ 5:00 pm on Monday 25th August, 2008.
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Click on any of the pics to open up a bigger version in a lightbox thingy.

We really didn't want to leave Flåm, but Oslo beckoned. We packed up quicker than expected, and said our goodbyes to our hosts. Ahead of us lay a 6-hour 207-mile dash across the spine of Norway, passing through magnificent fjord scenery, such as this above Vassbygdvatnet:


and some huge lakes on the plateau, such as Strandavatnet:


a wild and windy place with an impressive backdrop of moody-looking mountains:


We couldn't spare much time for picstops during this journey, but we did stop for lunch at a place outside Oslo before heading off to the port. After a nav-error just outside the check-in area (I was distracted by a couple of hookers) we parked up and went off to see some of the city. As usual, the kids found something suitable for climbing and posing:


before we reached the Oslo Opera House:


After boarding the DFDS Pearl of Scandinavia bound for Copenhagen, we spent some time on deck getting some great views of Oslo:


before the ship departed the rainbow-covered city:


After one last look back from the starboard side:


and one forward:


the others retired to the cabin:


while I stayed out on deck until we reached the open sea:


After another calm night-crossing, we arrived in Copenhagen. The weather was a bit grotty so we didn't hang around but decided to drive south towards the better weather and our next campsite at Feddet.

To be continued...

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3 Responses to “Summer Hols – Part 3 – The journey to Feddet”

  1. Ferries says:

    Great post, the pictures are fantastic. Ive travelled to this area a few times on DFDS ferries - beautiful part of the world.

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