Long time no see

Posted by @ 2:25 pm on Sunday 27th July, 2008.

My blogging and other computer-based activities have been much-reduced of late due to RSI, possibly CTS. It's getting better now - the "pins & needles" feeling in the forearm has abated, and the thumbnail has started to grow again after becoming partially detatched. Even so, there's still occasional numbness in the thumb and index finger of my right hand, so I'll be taking it easy for the next few days. There's plenty to catch up with, so I'll post when I can.


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8 Responses to “Long time no see”

  1. I hope that your aches disappear soon, and that you return to full health. x

  2. alan.sloman says:

    That all sounds rather painful. I used to have quite a bit to do with office workstation assesments for a Government organisation and found that the most frequent cause of RSI or CTS was poor posture at the desk.
    Get yourself a decent chair with a forward tilt seat squab, decent lumbar support (in the right place!) and with adjustable comfy armrests - that will help a lot Stef.

    Good luck

  3. scott says:

    That sounds a bit rubbish. Is the nail thing RSI-induced? Sounds unusual (in my limited experience!).

    Voice recognition software - that's what you need. Just think how much stuff you could post THEN! 😉

    Get well soon, anyhoo.

  4. BG! says:

    Cheers for the sympathy and for the advice, folks, but I'll wager it's nowhere near as bad as having a case of "Duncan's Leg". 🙂
    The nail thing is "a dystrophic modification of the fingernail", allegedly. I can't really justify using it as a reason to acquire more software. 🙁

  5. Dawn says:

    good grief BG, are you suggesting Duncan had a bad leg from working on his computer? Well, I suppose he may type with his toes 😆 Get well soon.

  6. Metric Kate says:

    You poor s*d. Hope your arm doesn't fall off 😉

  7. scott says:

    Still under the weather, Stef?


    As I said before, get well soon. Sooner than you've managed up until now, if possible.


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