Wassat? #2 – 3 for the price of one

Posted by @ 1:26 am on Saturday 28th June, 2008.

OK, time for me to fess up.

Last time I was out on a wildie, I lost one of my standard-issue U-Dig-It folding trowels. Well, actually, it's not really lost, it's within 20 yards of the summit of Kentmere Pike, but I'm damned if I'm going back for it. Anyway, I considered buying a replacement, but had second thoughts. You see, I'd been tinkering with a prototype titanium version for a while, but never got around to finishing the job (no pun intended).

Then I got to thinking about those times when I want to go lightweight and give the Jetboil PCS a rest. Mike Bell had kindly distributed free samples of his beer-can stoves (pic) during the OM Beddgelert Meet, and I was keen to try out mine. The only thing missing was a pot-stand and somewhere to stash it.

So I came up with this idea. A digging tool, stable pot-stand and windshield all in one. And just for good measure, it fits neatly into my Alpkit Mytimug, leaving plenty of room for other stuff. It's been suggested that it could be used as a mouse-trap, but frankly I fear for the sanity of anyone who could conceive such an idea.

This prototype's made from 1mm aluminium alloy, cut with secateurs, folded over the doorstep, neatened up with a Brummie screwdriver and curved by forming it around the drainpipe on the side of the house. OK, so it's rough-and-ready, but it works well enough to prove that the idea's worth following up. The next version will be in a decent grade of 0.5mm stainless steel and made with proper tools. I'm not sure if it's worth wasting good titanium on a final version, but time will tell.

Anyway, here's the pics and stuff, sadly there are none of it in use with the beer-can stove, as it's been terminated (I stood on it by accident):


Dig with the pointy end downwards. Use 2 hands. Think "SnowClaw" and you'll get the idea.


Stick the pointy end into the ground to stop it falling over. It's more stable than it looks.


A neat fit inside the Alpkit Mytimug.

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6 Responses to “Wassat? #2 – 3 for the price of one”

  1. Scott says:

    PMSL - I'm fannying about at half one in the morning trying to resolve your complex internet spamming problem, and you're posting about windshields?

  2. BG! says:

    You need more beer. Think how many stoves you could make!

  3. Hmm. Clean mud off before storing diggy thing in mug. Or take some Anthrax-cures along? Good, strong windshield/pan support idea.

    So, my guess that you were turning into Tony Stark was well out 😛

  4. Dawn says:

    Well now that is different, certainly robust. Mmhh, storing it inside your cooking pot though? Me, well I have one of those orange ones from Bob over at Back Packing Light. It has been re modelled via a hacksaw and glass paper. It is now a handy mini trowel. Oh, it works as well too.

  5. Martin Rye says:

    I made a homemade stove not long back. Worked fine at home, but in the hills it was %&*@ Id stick with the proven orange trowl from backpacking light. As for putting it in the mug.....life is short as it is. 👿

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