Getting sorted out

Posted by @ 10:24 pm on Tuesday 20th May, 2008.


Arrangements for the annual BG + SWMBO wildcamp continue apace. The date is set. A new batch of fish risotto has just been dehydrated and frozen, to make up the shortfall of this favourite dish in the dried food stash in the freezer in the attic. FWIW, the latest batch has added truffles, that should be interesting as I have a mushroom intolerance. The routes (prime and FWAs) are 99% sorted, and the objectives are set. Maps have yet to be printed, but that's a short job anyway. The only thing we haven't decided yet is which tent to take: Chris is keen for us to carry the "take whatever the world throws at us" mountain tent as per usual, I'm considering taking something a tad more seasonal, and half the weight. No matter, there's no rush, we'll decide closer to departure based on what the refurbished MWIS predicts. Other than that, we're ready apart from the packing.


The recently-installed plugin, Comment Info Tip, just had to go. It was a handy little utility, but it didn't play nicely with Wavatars, so it's been uninstalled. If any later version proves compatible, I'll consider bringing it back.

Domestic bliss

At long last we have a new bath. After much cursing, a new 170cm white-enamelled steel behemoth was shoe-horned into the void created by the removal of the old 167cm champagne fibreglass tub that everybody here loved to hate. Sounds like a simple operation - just out with the old and in with the new, but the room's only 168cm wide which meant that some judicious chiselling was required. What joy!

The back garden's had a bit of a facelift during the recent fine weather. One of our patches of wilderness garden has been dug out, levelled and turfed, which means that we'll have more room to set up the Gibbon slackline. There was a number of unavoidable casualties during the land-clearance - a 6ft self-set yew had to be dug out, a 20ft elder was pollarded, a fine dog-rose was moved and many raspberry canes and a host of other native and exotic plants were uprooted, some of which were transplanted to other areas of the garden. We saved all of the bulbs (bluebells, snowdrops, daffodils and some others as yet unidentified), later in the year we'll replant them in the newly-created borders. We've left alone the large area of wilderness garden at the far end, so our impact on the wildlife has been minimal.

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3 Responses to “Getting sorted out”

  1. You're making me feel guilty. Look, I would have done some housework this weekend, honest, but George is hiking in the Cairngorms, and we've worked out that a meet is feasible.

    I'm even going to miss the only football game I've been interested in in the last, well, ever: Queen of the South versus Rangers. I may have been raised by the Gaels, but I was born in Dumfries.

  2. BG! says:

    Stuff the housework, go camping with George. If you still feel guilty when you meet him, you can offer to sweep out his tent.

  3. Well, would sweeping out the Corrour Bothy count towards my housekeeping community service?

    Anyway, I hope you and SWMBO have a good time out and don't need the FWA.

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