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Posted by @ 5:13 pm on Thursday 29th April, 2010.
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I was in the market for an A.C. adapter for my D50. The Nikon website stated that the required item was the EH-5, as per the table in the following screenshot:



Now, it doesn't take a genius to realise that if the EH-5 also fits the D80, D100, the D70, the D70s, the D300, the D700, the D90 and the D300s, then any other adapter that fits any of these should also fit the D50. According to the blurb, the EH-5a should be OK.


Or so it seemed, until I checked with Nikon Europe Support...


Me: (26/04/2010, 07:08 PM)
Hi. Please can you tell me the differences between the EH-5 and EH-5a adapters? Thank you.

NES: (27/04/2010, 11:02 AM)
Thank you for contacting Nikon regarding AC adapters. The EH-5 is for the European market, while the EH-5a is for the American market. There are slight differences in the components of the EH-5 which means it can't be sold in America, but apart from that, they should be essentially the same.

Me: (27/04/2010, 03:56 PM)
Thanks for that. Can I assume that either adapter can be used on the D50, the only relevant difference being the mains plug?

NES: (28/04/2010, 11:51 AM)
Thank you for your reply. Only the EH-5 can be used with the D50. More information can be found by clicking on the link below:
Answer Title: D-SLR camera battery, charger and AC adapter compatibility
Answer Link:

Me: (28/04/2010, 05:25 PM)
Yes, I've seen that info before. It doesn't tell me WHY the EH-5a can't be used on the D50. You yourself stated that "There are slight differences in the components of the EH-5 which means it can't be sold in America, but apart from that, they should be essentially the same."
Maybe we should start with the basics:
1: Are the supplied voltages the same?
2. Are the camera-end connectors the same?

NES: (29/04/2010, 02:30 PM)
Thank you for your reply. It has come to our attention that the FAQ on our website is incorrect. It transpires that the D50 can be powered with either the EH-5 or the EH-5a. They both feature identical power input and output and plug shape at the end that goes into the camera. The plug that connects to the mains may differ depending on the region of purchase but as they are made to be used anywhere world-wide, you only need an applicable plug adaptor to ensure it fits the wall sockets of the region it's intended to be used in - no need for power adaptors. We apologise for this misinformation and thank you for bringing this mistake to our attention.

Just goes to show that you can't always rely on information that somebody else posted on the Web. Over two years ago.

Oh, and top marks to the man at NES who had the gumption to get this matter sorted out.

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One Response to “Final answer?”

  1. BG! says:

    Well, it took very nearly two years but eventually Nikon Europe Support have published a revised compatibility table - go see it at

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