Acknowledged but not answered

Posted by @ 10:40 pm on Monday 5th May, 2008.

As suggested on the Legalise Wild Camping site, I used the "" and the "" services to contact my MP regarding the matter.

I used the service on April 21st, and the following letter was received here on April 26th:

You'll note that it wasn't signed by my MP, but by an underling on his behalf. That's typical of my MP... never around to do even the simplest of jobs, never gets his hands dirty, not even prepared to pick up a pen.

According to the criteria in the follow-up email that I received today from "", said letter, IMO, constitutes an acknowledgement, not a reply.

FWIW, here's an extract from the follow-up email:

"Your feedback will allow us to publish performance tables of the responsiveness of all the politicians in the UK. The majority of MPs respond promptly and diligently to the needs and views of their constituents. They deserve credit and respect for their conscientiousness.

Likewise, we're keen to expose the minority of MPs who don't seem to give a damn."

I like that attitude!

If I ever get a real reply from my MP, I'll let you know.

 p.s. We reached 1700 signatories today.

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4 Responses to “Acknowledged but not answered”

  1. George says:

    [quote]Likewise, we’re keen to expose the minority of MPs who don’t seem to give a damn.[/quote]

    Must be talking about my MP, as I haven't heard back from them. I sent the letter back in March. 😕

    Just sent one using the see if the gets through 🙂

  2. BG! says:

    IMO, it's pretty poor when the one person that puts him/herself forward to assume the responsibility of representing your interests and opinions to higher authorities can't discharge his/her duties in a timely manner.

    Good luck, George.

  3. I pointed out to the ScotGov people in charge of the Land Reform Act that some folk down south wanted to pick up their idea, and what have I heard back - sweet FA. Same from Radio Scotland, and the folk who made Nick Crane's tv shows.

    I'll refrain from making any narky comments, as I really can't be *rsed if they can't be *rsed. I'll certainly be cutting back on my print media subscription (2 can play at the lack of support game), and I'll ... hmm, not sure what accountability any of the politicians have these days.

  4. George says:

    [...]Having a bit of spare time and looking through the numbers on; it seems as though my MP doesn't response to letter through this site to well.[...]

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