Holy sh1t, it’s Viper!

Posted by @ 10:36 pm on Friday 5th March, 2010.
Categories: Camera kit, Rambling on...

It's a bit bigger than a Crumpler bag and a bit smaller than a shop...

and definitely NOT for Jessiehiking with cameras...

More details here.

You'll have got the movie reference, eh?

(Late edit: just wanted to reassure you that I didn't acquire one of these megapacks.)

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9 Responses to “Holy sh1t, it’s Viper!”

  1. Martin Rye says:

    That is some camera kit you have there. So what is the plan? Photo the beast of Bodmin Moor?

  2. BG! says:

    I'm sorry to say that I don't own any of that kit, Martin. Andy Rouse is yer man - see http://www.andyrouse.co.uk/blog.asp .
    It's one helluva knapsack though, eh?

  3. Martin Rye says:

    Ah I see the photo in all the other ones on the link. Still it would be nice. Lottery win would do the trick.

  4. Simon W says:

    Ah, now you see, that is why I still wear boots and not jessiehikers! 😯

  5. Scott says:

    That' s a truly excellent photograph. For some reason it reminds me of an Apollo mission, with bits falling off the rocket as it thrusts skywards.

    That probably says more about me than it does about the picture though.


  6. Hendrik says:

    I reckon you only do day trips with that kind of camera kit. My 2,3 kg are already too much, I sometimes think. But that's just crazy 😀

  7. Kenny says:

    An odd thing happened on my blog in the past few days...I suddenly got a spate of hits on an old post about Jessiehiker Boots.

    I'm sure you're to blame Stef 😆 I just don't know how yet!

    There was an incoming link from this page (I think) on your blog...but it's mysteriously disappeared since this afternoon 🙁

    It's probably all Scott's fault anyway...I'm sure it was his phrase originally. 😉

    PS that is a really big bag! To think I'm reducing the size of camera I take out!

  8. BG! says:

    @Richard Roworth - We got problems, Maverick - the undercarriage is snagged in the webbing straps so we can't land :mrgreen:

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