Venerable Beading

Posted by @ 12:19 pm on Tuesday 16th February, 2010.
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Yup, it's time to rejuvenate the DWR on all of those tech-fabric bits of kit. I took one look at the family's huge gear-stash and decided that a 1-litre bottle wasn't going to cut the mustard.

It was time to "go large"...

Ordered yesterday afternoon from Webtogs, at a reasonable price (and with free delivery), received this morning. Great service!

Oh, and if you're into carbon/green issues, they have an optional Carbon Neutral Delivery scheme.

Oddly, they felt the need to put the boxed product inside another box, a practise that must desaturate some of that greenness.

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8 Responses to “Venerable Beading”

  1. Simon W says:

    Jason Klass had an interesting video from his trip to the Goretex facility http://www.geartalkwithjasonkl.....hable.html

    One thing that really caught my eye was the claim that in order to get a good DWR after washing (and treating with a DWR agent) that the garment be ironed to lift the fibres and improve the overall DWR. Most people would shy away from ironing Goretex!

    Try at your own risk! 😐

  2. BG! says:

    I've ironed old taslan Goretex before to apply repair-tape to seams and there's been no detrimental effect, but I'm bemused by the "fibre-lifting" notion though, as a) ironing tends to flatten, not lift, fibres, and b) Goretex isn't supposed to have lifted fibres, is it? I'd have thought that anything that encouraged the fibres of a laminated fabric to lift would just accelerate any de-lamination of the constituent layers.

    Anyway, I'm practically Gore-free now, having gone over to eVENT, and the ironing thing is of little consequence for us Nikwax users as a quick warm tumble-dry is adequate for activating the TX.Direct stuff.

  3. Simon W says:

    Ah yes, good point - I didn't watch the video again (there were actually a number of posts on the topic), but tumble drying was mentioned as well at some point. The lifting of fibres isn't to do with the water permeable membrane but rather the outer material on which the DWR forms. I do tend to agree that iron sounds like it would flatten the fibres and so have the opposite effect ... maybe I should go and watch the video again before I talk any more rubbish! 😳

  4. BG! says:

    FWIW, I've not watched the video yet, and I doubt that I'd spout less rubbish if I did :mrgreen:

  5. BG! says:

    ..."having lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age"
    ..."extremely old or obsolete; ancient"

    Seems apt 🙁

    But you're right - it just doesn't have the same punch as "Jesus H Christ In A Chicken Basket", does it? 😈

  6. Scott says:

    Fair point. But you obviously spend time thinking up your titles. I shamelessly plagiarise all mine.


  7. BG! says:

    @Scott - I used to get inspiration from Ken's right-hand column... 🙄

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