Ten top tips for healthy feet

Posted by @ 9:58 am on Thursday 17th April, 2008.

The experiences of yesterday evening compel me to post this list of tips for outdoors folk who need to keep their feet in tip-top condition:

  1. DO NOT struggle all day to put up a new bathroom ceiling on your own
  2. DO NOT lose your temper with the above to the point where the red mist descends
  3. DO NOT sling your tools across the room in a fit of pique
  4. DO NOT rant around the house swearing like a demented Tourette's sufferer
  5. DO NOT decide that the best way to manage your anger is to take it out on a "convenient soft inanimate object"
  6. DO NOT single out the blue bag for recycling waste paper as your chosen "convenient soft inanimate object"
  7. DO NOT kick seven shades of crap out of the chosen "convenient soft inanimate object"
  8. DO NOT recoil in agony when you find that somebody has filled the chosen "convenient soft inanimate object" with a huge pile of telephone directories and old BBC Good Food magazines
  9. DO NOT remove your footwear to find that what was your size 8 foot is now at least a size 10 and has changed colour from a pallid flesh tone to a combination of black, blue, purple and brown blotches
  10. DO NOT expect any sympathy from the rest of the household when it's time to walk the kids to school the next morning


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