Note to Self: use a wider lens next time

Posted by @ 10:09 am on Monday 9th November, 2009.
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For the first time in ten years we didn't invite all and sundry to our place for our traditional Pyromania in the Garden Party. We decided to have a break from the two days of food prep, the weeks of bonfire-building and the operation to clean the mud out of the house after the fun.

Instead, last night we went to the bonfire, fireworks display and carnival held at the village park. Sadly, the fee-paying public were kept at least 100 yards from the bonfire, which was a paltry affair of pallets and air compared to the vast pyre of tree-trunks that we usually have. I mean, the attraction of the bonfire is the opportunity to stand near enough to it to keep warm, isn't it? The massed launch of Chinese Lanterns was a flop, with most of them failing to reach the boundary of the display area. The fire-eaters were much to far away from the crowd, and the funfair was a minor distraction rather than the major attraction that it was billed to be. The fireworks were good, though, and the fact that the profits go to support the Royal British Legion is admirable. After much deliberation, I gave the event a rating of 5/10.

Back at base we discussed the evening and all agreed that we do a better party at home. OK, it's a lot of effort, but it's worth it.

I'll start collecting the firewood next week.


Don't forget to click the pics for much bigness.

If you're from foreign parts and haven't a clue why we Brits torch all manner of stuff at this time of year, have a look here.

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2 Responses to “Note to Self: use a wider lens next time”

  1. I'd have thought such a resourceful chap as you would have made his own fireworks to go with the bonfire. Me and my mates once did when we were young and carefree.

    We brought a tree down with 'it' (the firework). The tree eventually made a good bonfire. Is that serendipity? I like science.....

  2. BG! says:

    You bloody vandal! I'll grass you to the feds!

    There's one good reason why I no longer dabble with homebrew pyrotechnics...

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