Summer Hols 2009 – Dorset – Bovington Tank Museum

Posted by @ 5:03 pm on Saturday 12th September, 2009.

As promised, here's another batch.

This time you get 36 pics taken at the Tank Museum – just click the pic below to get the others:

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4 Responses to “Summer Hols 2009 – Dorset – Bovington Tank Museum”

  1. Some cracking photos - as ever. The girls are getting taller too.

  2. Adam says:

    Hello Bearded Git! (great name by the way)

    Would you like some outdoor boots to review and keep?
    Yes, it sounds too good to be true (and I get that all the time).

    I work for a small outdoors shop in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and we're doing our best to band our name about a bit.
    So we give bloggers shoes to review. They get free footwear and we gets a couple of links to make us better known.

    Email me back, we'll have a chat and see what you'd like.

    Kind regards

  3. mike says:

    Hello. I make wooly jumpers. Out of wool. Which people wear outside (you know, to keep warm n that). Come and have a butchers if you like. http// Tanks are COOL. (we sell tank tops as well, although they probably won't suit your average tank driver)

  4. BG! says:

    @Adam - Thanks for that, Adam, we'll continue our negotiations elsewhere.

    @mike - I'll bear in mind all of your good advice, Mikey. Are you offering "review and keep" samples too?

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