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A couple o' weeks ago our large Salix babylonica decided t' dump an eight-foot long by one-foot dia chunk o' rotten wood on the lawn. For safety's sake we 'ad t' put the garden out-o'-bounds fer a while until the experts 'ad 'ad a look at the thing. They recommended pollardin' t' reduce the weight, remove any deadwood an' t' reduce the "sail".

Yesterday their crew turned up t' do the deed...


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That's a serious bit o' trimmin', eh?

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One Response to “Crew-cut”

  1. Old Winter says:

    It be always a bit o' a shock when experts demonstrate what they mean by "a bit o' prunin'" so pollardin' were bein' always goin' t' be quite radical.
    Ahoy! Ye'll be sleepin' wi' the fishes!

    It has done the tree a favour hopefully an' given ye back yer garden an' considerably more light I imagine.

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