After much procrastinating, we bought a new scanner

Posted by @ 9:40 pm on Tuesday 6th March, 2007.
Categories: Shiny new kit

The honeymoon slides have been languishing in a file for over a decade, viewed only occasionally when we've been able to borrow a projector. Last year, we tried to scan them with our ageing Plustek scanner but it really wasn't up to the job, so I asked for opinions from places various (including posting a thread on OM), then we did some sums and decided that it would be cost-effective to abandon the self-scanning option and get them done by a lab. A good plan at the time.

Recently the situation changed. Lots of old family photos have surfaced and the need to preserve lots of images for posterity has forced our hand, so we ordered a cheap (<£60) scanner that would handle negatives and slides - a Canon CS 4400F to be precise. I must admit that I thought that it would only give mediocre results with our old slides, but I'm happy to report that it's a little cracker. Now I can look forward to spending hundreds of hours converting our family images to 1s and 0s.


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