Hard as nails

Posted by @ 10:13 am on Thursday 16th July, 2009.

There's something satisfying about wearing sensible footwear on rocky terrain. Maybe it's the confidence that a stubbed placement won't result in a blackened toenail being forced back through the metatarsals into the heel-unit, maybe it's the protection and support that they afford when negotiating the sharp stuff or just running down screes, or perhaps it's just the knowledge that they're not being used to carry around 3kg of grit or soaked-in water that would negate the weight-savings of wearing Jessiehiker plimsolls (for further enlightenment, see here and here).

Personally, I reckon it has much to do with loving the smell of napalm Nikwax in the morning.

Scarpa SLs - Humvees in a world of Snatch Land Rovers

Scarpa SLs - Humvees in a world of Snatch Land Rovers

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4 Responses to “Hard as nails”

  1. Ben says:

    In google reader today your post arrived just after the following one...


    Compare and contrast I think is what my Engligh O Level exam said.

  2. BG! says:

    I noticed that too. 😎

    Rest assured I won't be tempted to dance in my SLs, even though they would offer excellent protection from the errant feet of anyone unlucky enough to be my dance-partner. :mrgreen:

  3. scott says:


    You and yon Fatdog are determined to let the cat out of the, er, social experiment aren't you.


  4. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By scott

    I reckon that's the Freudian abbreviation of "plimsoll" 😈

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