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Posted by @ 1:06 pm on Thursday 9th July, 2009.
Categories: Plugins, Site update

I said that I'd keep you posted, so here's the latest:

The WP-SpamFree plugin has been working perfectly so far - it's caught every last scrap of spam, let through every bona fide comment, and has alerted users when their comments have been too short. Since installation it's had to deal with 352 spams, and none of these have got through to Akismet (although they do seem to contribute to the Akismet Stats graphs).

Now that I have confidence in this plugin, I've disabled the auto-closure of comments on posts/pages that are over 150 days old (the ones which were attracting the majority of the spam). This means that folk such as Piotr can resurrect old posts in order to glean the info that they want.

If all goes well, I'll change the contact page so that it uses the bundled safe contact form, which will mean that I can dump the annoying CAPTCHA process.

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2 Responses to “Spam Reduction update”

  1. [...] at BG, Bearded Git has been trialling a WordPress plug-in that is supposed to completely remove all spam [...]

  2. BG! says:

    Hi Lonewalker.

    There's a certain amount of irony in the fact that your pingback was rightly allowed through by the WP-SpamFree defences, only to be considered as spam by Akismet. So far, it's the only oddity I've encountered with using the two in tandem.

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