At sixes and sevens

Posted by @ 9:57 pm on Monday 25th May, 2009.
Categories: Just for fun, On the box

Another "WTF?", this one is brought to you from Freeview:

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5 Responses to “At sixes and sevens”

  1. Baz says:

    OMG, you've got a digifusion box that works! I got one for my mother in law a year or so ago and it just keeps freezing up...

    Yes, I noted last night that we lost some EPG data for a short while.

  2. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Baz
    I got one for my mother in law a year or so ago...

    Seems like a fair trade, Baz :mrgreen:

    But seriously, we've never had any major problems with our Digifusion box. Occasionally the picture gets pixellated, a problem often caused by overheating, but it's easily fixed by clearing the dust out of the cooling vents.

  3. Baz says:

    BG, I have to say that comment came along with a drum roll, didn't it?!

    Personally, we've had a Topfield for years and I can't imagine 'tv life' without it. Now and again we even have fun sampling 'real time' tv. The other night we realised springwatch had started and so put it on pause while we fixed the evening meal... and straight after springwatch was the Kate Adie Tiananmen Square programme, all still on 'pause'....

    I think Microdirect in Manchester (my hometime, from which I have been exiled for too long) got a really cheap batch of digifusions in a couple of years ago. I've already changed the set top box once, and think I may take it back again and just get my money back.... well, put that money to good use for a much needed 1TB external hard drive 😎

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