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Posted by @ 9:11 pm on Friday 2nd November, 2007.
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More goings-on with that infamous outdoors gear retailer...

OK, let's start with the email that I sent them way back on January 30th 2007:


Does your online "unsubscribe" process actually work? I think not! I've unsubscribed twice recently but I still keep getting emails from you regarding sales, latest deals, 15% discounts etc.. Each time I've gone through the process I've been redirected to the message that assures me that my email address has been removed from all of your files... but, obviously, it hasn't.

I just received yet another email from you. I regard this as unsolicited mail, as I have unsubscribed twice, so I've just gone through the "unsubscribe" process for the third time. I trust that this will be the last time that I have to do it.

You really should test these things!



Here's the reply, dated January 31st 2007:


Thank you for your email. This has been done as requested. Please accept our aoplogies for the inconvenience caused.


Bear in mind that each time I asked to be unsubscribed, I asked for all my details to be wiped, including the snail-mail address and both of my customer accounts.

So imagine my reaction this morning, when the postie arrived with a mini-catalogue from f***d & t**k, clearly addressed to me, bearing my supposedly-deleted customer number. Not elated, I can tell you. Some of you folk may remember the saga, let's just say that it wasn't pleasant.

Well, I thought, there's no harm in looking, seeing as it was destined for the compost heap anyway, so I had a read of the flyer-sheet, emblazoned with the headline:

"New Leicester store now open"

followed later by:

"15% off all full priced items on presentation of this voucher before 24th December 2007"

Being a stickler for the small-print, I looked at the T&Cs on the other side...

"All offers end on 19th November 2007..."

E&OE indeed.

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4 Responses to “f***d & t**k”

  1. I suggest emailing your grievences to the following address, it worked for me 12months ago.



  2. If it looks like a breach of the Data Protection Act, smells like a breach of the Data Protection Act, and acts like a breach of the Data Protection Act, it probably is a breach of the Data Protection Act.


  3. BG! says:

    Welcome, Hamish, long time no see!
    Cheers for the address. I'll send a mail to RG, and see what happens (but that would put my email addy back on his system).

    Duncan, I'll follow up your lead, not sure whether to complain before or after emailing as Hamish suggests.

    Either way, I'll probably venture over to the new Leicester store and see how their counter stands up to me hammering on it.

  4. BG! says:

    Email to Mr. Gundle duly sent after today's events.


    Cheers, Hamish.

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