Coniston Fells Wildcamping – Part 3 – Therapy

Posted by @ 11:56 pm on Sunday 3rd May, 2009.

Like I said, "In circumstances like these, there’s only one thing to do… " - we went shopping, of course.

Ambleside was the first victim of my grimacing face and odd gait. I'd been searching for some replacement footwear for some time, as my two-year-old beloved Raichle Fusion Mid XCRs had no sole left on them. After checking out most of the larger shops in search of a bargain we had given up all hope of finding something suitable, but for some reason I was drawn into The Mountain Factor, where I found the following event-lined 3-season beauties:

Trezeta Peak, size 8, very comfy

The assistant was surprised at the speed of the sale - I tried them on, walked a few paces and shouted "Sold!" . Apparently all other boot-triers like to spend a lot of time on such activities, but I knew almost instantly that these boots were fine for me. RRP £90, mine for £60. Excellent! I've worn them daily since then, and they've been brilliant.

Having read a lot of favourable reports about the Osprey Exos series of packs, I went into The Climbers Shop to try on the 46 version. There's no doubt that it's a thing of beauty and a nice bit of lightweight craftsmanship, but it wouldn't last five minutes if I used it. You see, most folk use their packs to carry their gear and that's the end of it, but my packs are gear-carriers, pillows, seats, backrests, windshelters, bumpers (especially when sliding down Lord's Rake) and, on occasion, toboggans. Give me a decent grade of cordura or kevlar anyday and I'll be happy, but I'd be too bothered about destroying the work of art that the Exos undoubtedly is. I didn't much care for the hip-belt fitting, though - it's fixed to the pack almost amidships, rather than at the widest part, and I can't see how that's better for stability. Maybe I'm missing something here, but it certainly didn't feel good to me. Anyway, I put the thing back on the rack and walked away. Nice, but not for me.

We made our escape from Ambleside, but only made it as far as Windermere as Chris wanted to get some microfibre bathtowels direct from the Lakeland shop, as they had become unavailable online. There were none on the racks, so we asked the assistants where they were. We were informed that they were out of stock and discontinued, the last few having been sold from the bargain area a while ago. Disgruntled, we stood outside as we planned our next move.

As we talked, my gaze was drawn to the window-display, where there were four of the "out of stock" towels. I nipped back in, grabbed them from the display and took them to the assistants, who were bemused. You see, it works like this: items in window-displays don't show on the stock count, and they're not for sale, as they are there solely to advertise product within the store. The trouble is, they were advertising an unavailable product, and so their purpose was redundant, but the staff aren't allowed to change the window-display in any way until Management issues a decree. Mad, eh? Anyway, after getting the top-brass to see sense, we got all four towels at a rock-bottom price (something like £3 each instead of the £12 standard price) and a great explanation from the staff. They're nice folks in there. Oh, and before I forget, they have free internet access upstairs between the cafe and the loos, so if you're in Windermere and you're desperate for a quick pee, sarnie and surf, you know where to go.

Shopping completed, we made for the M6 and headed home. All in all, it had been an interesting weekend!

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9 Responses to “Coniston Fells Wildcamping – Part 3 – Therapy”

  1. Kenny says:

    How's the back doin' Stef?

    Sorry the trip turned a bit too "interesting" for you. I was enjoying the sure you couldn't have pressed on a bit further... 😉

    Having a perennial sciatic type problem myself I can appreciate how bad a dodgy back can feel..especially on the way down!

    Hope things are ok.

  2. Martin Rye says:

    "but it wouldn’t last five minutes if I used it." Man after my own heart. Use, abuse and do it all again. Rucksacks need to fit that description or don't buy them. Hence I passed on the EXOS excitement. That and the wonderful NeoAir have been the most anticipated kit for years. OMM packs BG give em a look up. That is if you have not already.

  3. BG! says:

    @Kenny - It's a lot better now, Ken. Just the odd twinge when I forget about it and try to do things that I shouldn't.

    @Martin Rye - I do like the OMM kit, having fondled some of it at the Outdoor Trade Show last year, but TBH I'm not in the market for a new pack yet. My current three packs should last me for many years to come, as long as I keep the abuse of them down to a manageable level. I just wanted to see what all the hype was about.

  4. Martin Rye says:

    "My current three packs should last me for many years to come"...I say things like that. Honest - I mean it. Still I go and buy more rucksacks 😀 .

  5. BG! says:

    You need help 😯

    I'll send men in white Paramo coats :mrgreen:

  6. GeoffC says:

    Have you weighed the Trezetas?. That's always the first question I ask, in fact I take electronic scales with me when I'm after footwear. I recall reading somewhere about people having problems with Event in footwear (was it the Keen Targhees?). Anyway I hope they work out ok.

    Cotswold Manchester still haven't got the Exos packs and I have yet to see one.

  7. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By GeoffC
    Have you weighed the Trezetas?.

    Not yet, as the weight doesn't bother me so long as they're comfy and functional. I'll stick them on the scales in a while and report back.

    Originally Posted By GeoffC
    I recall reading somewhere about people having problems with Event in footwear (was it the Keen Targhees?). Anyway I hope they work out ok.

    No problems yet, but they've not been used in anger. They're a lot more breathable than the XCR-lined Raichles.

    Originally Posted By GeoffC
    Cotswold Manchester still haven't got the Exos packs and I have yet to see one.

    If you like the tech side of gear, you'll be impressed... eventually... maybe.

  8. GeoffC says:

    @BG! -
    Thanks BG.
    A bit on the heavy side for me but not bad!.

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