The van men didn’t cometh back

Posted by @ 4:42 pm on Friday 1st May, 2009.
Categories: A bit of a rant

True to form, the replacement panel (the one that I helped the store assistant to sort out and set aside on a trolley) didn't arrive this morning as promised. The long and detailed instruction note that the assistant left for the morning-shift was summarily ignored by all and sundry until after the delivery contractors had loaded up, done their morning rounds and then gone home. Realising their error, the staff then couldn't be arsed to call me and explain their cock-up, so it was left to me to phone them yet again and call them a bunch of incompetent *%$££^*(s.

No apology was forthcoming.

I now have a solemn promise that the panel will be replaced tomorrow afternoon (they don't do morning deliveries on Saturday).

I hope that they keep to their end of the bargain - if they don't, there'll be hell to pay. I'll make sure of that.

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6 Responses to “The van men didn’t cometh back”

  1. Mike Knipe says:

    Well, thats a surprise. "They" have all been unable to organise the simplest stuff for a few years now. Never expect things to happen when they say they will happen. Wait till the rot gets as far as funeral directors. (we called but you were out, so we left the body in the garage/with the neighbours/call round at the sorting office to collect it.....)


  2. scott says:

    Do you want me to phone yon American guy I was walking with last week, and see if he's using his gun tomorrow?


  3. BG! says:

    @Mike Knipe - I shudder to think how things would pan out if Focus ever won a contract to make the coffins 😯

  4. Gordy says:

    I wish I'd thought to blog about it when B&Q lost my carpet three times in 24 hours.

    While we're at it, the chippy in Ballater is shit.

  5. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Gordy
    While we're at it, the chippy in Ballater is shit.

    I think you need to expand on that on your own blog, Gordy. Remember - we'll need to see evidence to back up your allegations :mrgreen:

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