For Scott

Posted by @ 8:31 pm on Sunday 29th March, 2009.
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Crumble pic as requested:


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13 Responses to “For Scott”

  1. Martin Rye says:

    I clicked again.....curiosity more than anything. Getting to be a habit this:)

  2. BG! says:

    Steady on, Martin!
    Before you know it, you'll be into double-clicking, then you'll be totally fcuked due to the extra energy-expenditure and wasted time.

  3. Martin Rye says:

    @BG! - Got a point there BG. Google Reader is of course there to save time and effort..and maybe save having to enjoy peoples effort in putting a blog together. I use it to manage my reading but still like to go and see the real thing so to speak. Off now as I need to train for the hills due to living far from them to get any regular hill walking in 😥

  4. Martin Rye says:

    @Martin Rye - PS I spelt due wrong. Should have been do. Send the police guy from OB forum round to fine me 😆

  5. Scott says:


    In a rather odd coincidence, my beloved took a terrible notion for custard this evening, to the extent that she actually drove to the supermarket. Unfortunately, this being Sunday, Morrisson's closed at 6 so she was left custardless. I daren't show her that photo!


  6. Kev says:

    @Scott - I don't use any of that RSS type shit. I like to keep it real :o)

    Nice crumble btw. What kind is it?

  7. BG! says:

    @Kev -
    What, aside from the rhubarb? If you're wanting specifics, I'll ask SWMBO as she's the cook and the consumer. I'm just the grower, and FWIW I hate the taste of the stuff.

  8. Kev says:

    @BG! - Ah, I see. Not too keen on rhubarb either TBH. Prefer Apple, with Custard or Vanilla Ice Cream.

    Never made it myself despite being Head Chef here at Chateau BK. I've a mind to give it a go now :o)

  9. BG! says:

    @Kev -

    My "crumble-preference" is as follows...
    Filling: Banana
    Crumble: Broken Wagon-Wheels
    Topping: Home-made Drambuie ice-cream
    😈 😈 😈

    It'd be no good for Scott's diet, though.

  10. Kev says:

    @BG! - I was thinking more along the lines of Apple with pears and plums but I can see how yours would work :o)

  11. BG! says:

    @Kev -

    Make both and then give me your honest opinion as to which you like best, Kev.

  12. Scott says:

    If neither of you pair like rhubarb crumble, you could stop disrespecting it, and send it to me.

    Diet or not, I'll no' see it go to waste.


  13. BG! says:

    Sorry, Scott, but SWMBO has first dibs for my forced purple stick.

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