Fishing farce

Posted by @ 6:43 pm on Saturday 13th October, 2007.

Way back in July, Chris gave me a voucher as a birthday present - it was for a half-day of fly-fishing tuition. She really knows how to pick the right present - I hadn't managed to get out fishing at all this year, and this was just the excuse that I needed.

Now, I've been doing this trout-fishing malarkey for quite a few years and I'm already at an intermediate level, so back at the start of September I had a chat with the tutor and we agreed what skills I needed to improve. We agreed to meet at the Pitsford Water Lodge at 09:00 this morning.

I spent a fair part of the last week sorting the tackle, making new flies, stretching the lines and getting excited about the upcoming event. I was up early this morning, packed and away in good time and I arrived at the Lodge at 08:40. There was a very light mist on the water, a gentle breeze and the sky was overcast - fair conditions for this time of year.

I enquired at the Lodge shop as to the whereabouts of the tutor, he wasn't there yet so I went for a short walk, mooched around the shop, checked out the boats etc.. 09:00 passed and no tutor arrived. 09:30 passed, still no tutor. 09:35 passed and I was getting a bit pissed-off. I checked at the Lodge to see if a boat had been booked for our tuition... no booking.

The lady at the Lodge offered me a permit and a boat for the day. The offer was very generous but I had to decline - the day had already been paid for (except the boat-supplement) so I hadn't brought enough cash to pay for it all again. Besides, by then the fun-factor had fecked-off, and I wasn't in the mood any more. Disgruntled, I got back in the car and started back home after texting the tutor to let him know the score.

Chris was livid, she's been told that she'll get a full refund but she feels like she hasn't got me a birthday pressie after all. And as for me? It's just another wasted day (the last free day I have before Winter sets in), it's made a mockery of all the preparation during the week, and 67 miles-worth of petrol have gone up in smoke.

Yes, you guessed it... I'm not very impressed either.

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One Response to “Fishing farce”

  1. Scott says:

    Ach that's rotten, Stef. Pretty restrained of you to text the guy, rather than going mental down the phone at him.

    Folk, eh?


    Hope your tripod thing is cheering you up a wee bit!

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