A busy week

Posted by @ 9:40 pm on Thursday 8th February, 2007.
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Wahey, I've actually started gutting the bathroom in preparation for the refurb. A couple of days of destructive DIY have resulted in all of the old tiles being hacked off, only to reveal that the plaster underneath is in a bad state and needs replacing before the re-tiling can commence. Oh, what joy, more plastering, I just love plastering. NOT!

Had a telephone chat with Weird Darren yesterday about blagging tickets for the OS Outdoors Show. I had to decline his kind offer of some potentially free tickets, as I've already got ours printed out and sitting on the mantleshelf. He let slip that Podcast Bob might be pointing his mike and videocam in my direction (he's checking out the Blogger Scene, man!) so I might have to go in disguise (maybe I'll wear a false beard, lol).

Anyway, it snowed today, so lots of the local schools were affected. Typically, the junior school was open and the high school was closed, so my attention had to be split between walking Annabelle to school (see * below), attending to Elanor during her day off, chipping away at the bathroom and keeping everything quietish while SWMBO worked from home (the roads were too bad for her to drive to work, plus this weather isn't good for her asthma).

(* - just to clarify, it went like this... walk to school, take her in, get told that she needed a swimming kit, walk back home, get kit, get suckered into walking Ella to her friend's house after dropping off the kit, walk home, work a bit, tidy up, walk back to school, pick up Anna, walk back home. Turns out that it adds up to over 7 miles. There's a certain irony about the situation - I've been known to drive hundreds of miles and camp out in ridiculous conditions for whole weekends in order to walk 7 miles in the snow... maybe I've been doing it wrong all along, eh?)


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