Posted by @ 8:57 pm on Saturday 28th February, 2009.

This February has been a total non-starter. So many things have conspired to cock-up all chances of getting out to do something worthwhile that I'm considering becoming a professional couch-potato and Wii Bowling Power Throws addict (my current top-score is only 733 but I'm working on it).

For me, February is usually the best month to get into some proper winter-walking, but this one was just rubbish. Due to adverse events at home, I've not managed to get suited and booted at all this month. We've the seeds of an idea to get away somewhere for a wildie during March, but let's face it - the chances of there being a return to snowy conditions are minimal. That said, whenever Chris hits the hills for our annual wildie together the weather's always good, so there's always a chance that we'll be lucky again.

Sadly, the scope's been as redundant as the boots. I rehoused and rewired the SPC900 webcam and invested in a few bits of kit (including a Baader MPCC and a Skywatcher LPR 2" filter) to improve my chances of getting some half-decent astropics but I've had no opportunity to use any of them yet, as we've not had one clear night all month. This means that I've not managed to observe Saturn, which is now showing edge-on rings to anybody with clear skies. Comet Lulin (posh name C/2007 N3 (Lulin)) is another target that I'm likely to miss unless the skies clear sometime soon. If you've got clear skies and want to know where to look to see this gem, see here, and if you want to see some nice pics and a mini-movie of it, have a look at this entry on John's Astro Blog. I've just had a quick gander at the latest weather forecast and it's telling me that the skies here will be totally clear here tomorrow night. TBH I don't believe a word of it, but I'll be ready on the off-chance that they're correct.

And don't get me started on the subject of beer sessions - I've a list of cancellations as long as yer arm!

March will have to be a better month. Let's face it - it's not got a lot to beat.


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