Kicking AML’s Ass: Cycle 2 recovery shenanigans – updated 23/02/2016

Posted by @ 11:10 pm on Monday 22nd February, 2016.
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Today the docs changed the plan again...

I attended Day Ward this morning and the blood tests showed rock-bottom blood levels (basically Hb, newts and platelets were critically low or zero) and my "infection markers" were high, so they admitted me. Luckily they were in the process of reopening Ward 41 (Haematology) after the Swine Flu infection had been eradicated, so that's where I am now.

I just finished consuming a 1 litre (8 hours) of bagged saline drip, and now they want to give me a platelet infusion because I have had a slow nosebleed for at least a week. But there's a problem - my body has rejected the last 3 platelet infusions, and when it does so it also rejects my own so I end up with none, but I still have an adverse physical reaction. I have been saying for two weeks that I need "HLA-matched" platelets, but the docs keep trying to shoehorn in some unmatched stuff with pre-treatment (Piriton and Hydrocortisone) and it just ain't cutting the mustard, I still end up with a platelet count as low as the chances of getting a bacon sarnie in this joint. You can Go Ogle "HLA-matched platelets" if you like, I can't find a decent link.

While typing this, a doc has been in to tell me that he is going to give me unmatched platelets with pre-treatment. I politely sent him back to have a rethink, and he's now on the blower to the blood-bank.

I can't wait to see what happens.

You can bet my life that he won't pre-treat me with a bacon sarnie.

Update 23/02/2016: They don't have any HLA-matched platelets yet, so they are going to try unmatched ones again to tide me over. IMHO it's a waste of platelets, but I'm not calling the shots. I fear it may be "tide me over" in the style of King Canute/Cnut. Also told that I'd be kept in for the rest of the week. And no bacon sarnies 🙁

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2 Responses to “Kicking AML’s Ass: Cycle 2 recovery shenanigans – updated 23/02/2016”

  1. alan.sloman says:

    I'm not sure why but this post hasn't appeared in my blogroll - so my apologies for this very tardy comment Stef.

    This all sounds like a bit of a bugger. No bacon sarnies? What are they thinking???
    Chin up Sir.

  2. BG! says:

    I think my RSS/Atom feed thingy has gone wonky. Feed widgets are showing different posts on different blogs. Feedly has it about right.

    We are managing to cope without bacon sarnies now that we have discovered the content of the cunningly-hidden Afro-Caribbean menu. Curried Goat... Chicken, Rice & Peas... Ackees & Saltfish... Brown Lamb... it's a whole new world of taste and I've not even had to leave the room to sample it :mrgreen:

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