Arse versus Elbow

Posted by @ 9:07 pm on Friday 19th February, 2016.

Friday was spent in the Day Ward having bloods taken and tested, and having another bag of platelets put in. Neutrophil level still zilch.

Sent home.

When I had zero neutrophils during Cycle 1 it was mandatory that I be kept in because they needed to be monitoring me several times a day, the air was super-ultra-mega-filtered, and temperatures were tightly controlled. By "kept in", I mean in the ward. Going off-ward was a no-no while I had no "newts". Going outside was a danger akin to joining a leper colony. Home was an incredibly dangerous place to be, because of the risk of picking up bacterial, viral and/or fungal infections.

Now, with zero neutrophils during Cycle 2, I probably couldn't get admitted even if I contracted rabies and had been run over by a bus. Seems that I no longer need to be monitored around the clock, nor do I need super-ultra-mega-filtered air, nor controlled temperatures. Home has not changed, but Home is now good, together with the exact same risk of picking up the exact same bacterial, viral and/or fungal infections.

Seems that the required care regime has been edited to suit the circumstances and is suddenly much less directly related to the severity and consequences of the illness.




I do wish that they would start singing from the same hymn-sheet. One that has been agreed and approved by everyone in the loop. On Wednesday the doc said that he would admit me, but he was over-ruled by a specialist consultant and I was sent home with instructions to continue to attend Day Ward every day. This afternoon a different doc said that the daily visits to Day Ward would continue through the weekend and into next week, but she was over-ruled by a specialist consultant and I was sent home with a different plan - only attend Day Ward on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Oh, and I'll be getting another 2 cycles of chemo just for good measure. They way things are going they won't have me in for the chemo, they will send it by post and I'll have to pay the local plumber to administer it via an implanted radiator valve and some old garden hosepipe.

I'm trying to keep a lid on my temper whenever they change the plan, but I'm not known for my tolerance of such shenanigans.

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2 Responses to “Arse versus Elbow”

  1. alan.sloman says:

    Ah Leicester - Yes - that made the National News yesterday, Stef.
    You'll be lucky if you don't end up with trotters and a curly tail.

    I was sent home, chock full of immunosuppressants, with strict instructions not to do any hoovering. I have remained faithful to that for the last couple of years.


    Chin up old fruit!

  2. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By alan.sloman
    ... strict instructions not to do any hoovering. I have remained faithful to that for the last couple of years.

    LMFAO here!

    Housework isn't usually dangerous, but why take unnecessary risks?

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