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Posted by @ 11:38 am on Monday 5th January, 2009.
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Martin Banfield asked the following questions in response to my opening post of the year:

"... Which Wainwrights, When, What Gear, and exactly how do you plan to ‘Push the Envelope’?"

Here's my attempt to satisfy his yearning for knowledge.

Which Wainwrights, When?

Well, my progress towards the slowest ever “compleation” of the 214 Wainwright Fells is going well - there are 41 still to be done: Eastern Fells (7), Far Eastern Fells (14), Central Fells (1), Southern Fells (6), Northern Fells (11), North Western Fells (1) and Western Fells (1). The Outlying Fells get picked-off whenever the opportunities arise, I've not got around to recording and mapping them online yet - that could be another project for this year.

When I take SWMBO on our annual spring wildie, we'll probably head for the Northern Fells and work our way from High Pike to Souther Fell, so that'll be another six or so to mark off on the map. Before that, I hope take Ella to Patterdale or Glenridding to nab a few short-walk fells while/if they're snowbound - Hart Side, maybe, or the Middle Dodd/Red Screes pairing. Summer in the LD is generally a no-no for me, as it's too busy to really appreciate the place, so I probably won't go again until the autumn, which is my favoured time of year for solo-wildcamping. I've got a hankering to spend a full weekend doing all of the Coniston Fells. Of course, any other opportunities that happen along will be considered and taken accordingly - hostelling with the family, outdoorbloggers meets, OM meets and stuff like that.

What Gear?

There are a few bits of kit that I'm hoping to acquire for testing, the main one is the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir mat. Others include a stove (identity to be disclosed later if the goods are forthcoming) and some footwear. I'll also be experimenting with using the kit that I have in different ways, to see which combinations work well and which fall short of expectations.

... and exactly how do you plan to "Push the Envelope"?

That'd be telling. If I let you know now, I'd have to shoot you.

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2 Responses to “@ Martin”

  1. :soldier: (Hey, I won a hat!)
    That's a fine response to my comment - have fun with all your efforts, especially the stove testing, which will no doubt attract a huge audience.

  2. Martin Rye says:

    I have never thought to check how many I have done? I might do them all. Good fun and I love the Lakes.

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