2009… more or less

Posted by @ 12:01 am on Sunday 4th January, 2009.
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So here it is. The first post of the new year. An opportunity to consider a few objectives for the next 12 months. Compared to 2008, which turned out to be an average sort of year, this lot should be doable:

1a. More actually getting out and doing "stuff"
1b. Less talking about getting out and doing "stuff"

2a. More "pushing the envelope"
2b. Less "comfort zone" dossing

3a. More meaningful blogging
3b. Less blogging of drivel

4a. More gear-testing
4b. Less gear-envy

5a. More improvement in use of the camera
5b. Less "missing the moment" while faffing with settings

6a. More time out with the scope
6b. Less time-wasting while faffing with settings

7a. More progress with astrophotography
7b. Less set-up time

8a. More Wainwrights
8b. Less use of traditional routes

9a. More local walking
9b. Less hiding behind the laptop

10a. And, thanks to George, more data-storage, and hence
10b. less dross on the internal HDD

That's it for now. More or less.

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7 Responses to “2009… more or less”

  1. Mike Knipe says:

    It all seems reasonable to me. I like the idea of doing more stuff rather than the usual giving up of stuff in NY resolutions. I'm giving up giving stuff up

  2. Have a great year, whatever your objectives, which seem laudable, if a little 'non-specific', eg Which Wainwrights, When, What Gear, and exactly how do you plan to 'Push the Envelope'?
    Good Luck! 🙂

  3. BG! says:

    @Mike Knipe - Agreed - there's not so much need to cut down on the bad stuff if doing more good stuff compensates for it. It's a bit like WeightWatchers for Bloggers 😀

    @Martin Banfield - You want specifics? OK, but that'll mean more posts, which means more time behind the laptop, more just talking about getting out and doing “stuff”, and more scope for drivel. Be careful what you wish for 🙂

  4. Sounds a good plan, sir.

    As it is international year of astronomy, more photos of the sky would be nice, as yours are very nice.

  5. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Duncan/Aktoman
    As it is international year of astronomy, more photos of the sky would be nice, as yours are very nice.

    That's spooky - I've just been preparing a post about that. :moon: :star: :sun:

  6. ptc* says:

    I'd love to have a plan.
    But I think if I sat down and tried to do a list of perfectly reasonable ideas like those above I'd just panic as I don't have the resolve or time (the resolve to make the time?) to deal with it.
    But, I have definite feeling of "newness" this year. Fresh thinking and fresh energy. I hope that'll be enought to get on top of "the backlog".
    Good luck with the more, and the less be damned!

  7. BG! says:

    @ptc* - I wouldn't call it a plan, ptc*, as plans have a habit of going awry. I'd call it a wish-list so as to not provoke the gods of fate.

    I get that feeling of "newness" too. Strange. Maybe it's my hormones telling me to go for it while they're still willing and able 😮

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