Not much to report today…

Posted by @ 4:16 pm on Thursday 18th January, 2007.
Categories: Rambling on...

Spent several hours with one of the neighbours putting a sloping false ceiling in above his staircase, so I'm now covered in sawdust and plasterdust.

Re-measured the monster weeping willow tree that's in our garden. Worryingly, it's about 70 ft tall but only 65 ft from the house - let's just hope that if it decides to fall, it breaks off above the base of the trunk. Luckily, the current strong winds are blowing it in the right direction (away from the house and the driveway).

Had a look at some other blogs and referring sites that appear in my Live Spaces Stats list. Some were walking blogs, some were general blogs, some were just bizarre. I might put a few links on here later (after the kids have been to gymnastics class and then a yoga session) if SWMBO doesn't get me doing more DIY.

There's one thing I'm trying to put on my WLS blog but without much success - my outdoors gear list. I use a great little program called the Backpacking Gear Weight Calculator v 5.51 by Chris Ibbeson. It produces a list in .dat format and I reckon it would be useful to have the file on here. If anybody reading this can suggest a way to show the .dat file on WLS, please let me know. Thanks in advance! (EDIT: belay those references to WLS... they're redundant now I'm on WordPress!)

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