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Posted by @ 10:56 pm on Tuesday 18th November, 2008.
Categories: Shiny new kit

So, did you look at the kit-list? If you did, you'll have noticed that I don't have a great choice of legwear. Montane Mojo shorts for the few days of summer (and for scaring kids and old ladies), and Lowe Alpine Schoeller trews (variant unknown - TKMaxx clearance stock) for the rest of the year. Together with baselayer LJs, windproofs and/or the shell-salopettes, they've been sufficient to cope with everything except the very coldest of the conditions that I encounter.

Well, now even that eventuality has been covered - after a renowned expert approved the choice, one pair of Mountain Hardwear Compressor Pants has been acquired.

I bought these to cope with several scenarios... I'll wear them while standing/sitting outside with the scope during the freezing hours of winter nights and mornings, I'll take them on colder wildcamps so that after-dark wanderings aren't so chilly, I'm even tempted to try them in conjunction with a belay jacket, sleeping socks and a 2-season sleeping-bag in the winter. I've been experimenting with them, and I've found that they're a quick and easy fit over the shell-salopettes with no loss of loft, so I'll try them as the leg-wear equivalent of a belay-jacket.

They're not over-specced, but they have almost all of the features that I wanted:

  • Outer: Superlight 15D Ripstop
  • Lining: 30D Micro Taffeta
  • Reinforcement (seat and knees): Taslan
  • Double Velcro® waist closures with laminated tabs
  • Deep handwarmer pockets - zipped, microfleece-lined
  • Adjustable Velcro® ankle-cuffs
  • Articulated knees
  • Elastic waist with drawcord
  • Front zip fly
  • Full 2-way side-zips with internal baffles
  • Thermic Micro™ synthetic fill
  • Drawstring bag included

Mine (size m/m) weigh in at 590g without the drawstring bag.

They're incredibly warm for their weight, and they don't restrict movement at all - the lining doesn't bind on midlayers, and is comfy over bare flesh. The only thing that's missing is a back-pocket, but I can cope without one.

And they really do make my arse look big!

Now all I need is a cold weekend wildie to put them to the test.

Thanks for your opinion, Petesy, it's much appreciated.

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16 Responses to “Hot Pants”

  1. Dawn says:

    The first thought that came to mind was they look similar to those anti G thingies that fighter pilots wear. That or motor cyle trousers? Sort of trendy looking too. Bet they are warm though. To be honest I like the look of them. Dawn

  2. Scott says:

    I'm with Dawn on the high tech, aviation-type look. Indeed, spacemen could wear those.

    "Astrobreeks", that's what they are!


  3. BG! says:

    I reckon the pics are a tad misleading - they make the fabric look quite thick and leathery, like bike-leathers. The truth of the matter is that the face-fabric is very thin and shiny, not unlike the Pertex used to make Montane Featherlite windproofs.
    I wore them in the rain yesterday, the DWR treatment did a fine job of keeping out the wet.

  4. Dawn says:

    Ah, so you are trying to tell us those are all rippling muscles underneath?????????????????????

  5. BG! says:

    Modesty prevents me from posting a suitable photo.

    Anyway, I'm off out into the freezing darkness to peer into the Eastern sky - there's a fine meteor display going on right now - the a-Monocerotids
    Said astrobreeks should fend off the cold quite nicely.

  6. Martin Rye says:

    It is cold this weekend. Of with you to the hills and try them out. PTC is the guru on kit ain't he.

  7. BG! says:

    @Martin Rye - If only such adventures could be arranged and authorised at the drop of a hat... sadly, it doesn't work like that here, where sneezes have to be booked in advance, and spontaneity is regarded as the inverse of responsibility.

    FWIW, I sat outside stargazing for 4 hours at -3C last night/this morning. The astrobreeks, in conjunction with the Alpkit Filo and the Skee-Tex boots, were brilliant - not a hint of coldness.

  8. Dammit. Just when I thought I had everything I needed. They are seriously covetable trousers.

  9. Mike Bell says:

    I haven't had such a good laugh in ages.
    Michelin Man meets the Village People look!
    But they do look warm...!!!

  10. BG! says:

    @Mike Bell - LOL!

    Some of us don't have natural bulk for insulation, Mike. 🙂

  11. BG! says:

    Originally Posted By Mike Bell
    it's not fat it's fuel for a sex machine..

    Mike Bell, the man who put the gland into England!

  12. I have a pair of the Montbell thermarest pants for the same purpose. They're really nice and warm. I wear them over a patagonia capilene base and a MH cohesion pant, but they are wind proof as well and can just be worn over the base layer.

  13. Colonel Blimp says:

    Some of those poses look as if they've come straight out of Readers Wives, or, er, something like that! :mrgreen:

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