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And another

Posted by on March 28th 2017 in Driveway-blocking feckwits and piss-poor parkers

One of today's feckwits:


My neighbour must be tearing her hair out, she'll never get her car in or out past this selfish &^*%^$

Up and down like the Assyrian Empire

Posted by on March 26th 2017 in A bit of a rant, Illness and injury

Latest test results (from week 38 23/03/2017 test/consultation) plotted, so more boring blood-test result charts. I'm told that the results aren't important, so don't bother reading any further.

Unless you want to mouseover the charts to see how they look with spurious data removed, hence showing the real trends.

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So far only points for week 28 (12/01/2017) have been removed in the mouseovers. You might recall that I ranted about those results here. The serum ferritin result of 998 from week 15 (10/10/2016) has long been discarded as pure fantasy. With those dodgy results removed there are clear ongoing downward trends to the whites and the newts over the last 4 to 5 months, and the whites are now bang on bottom-limit. But it's not important, they say.

In my opinion, the latest value for the Serum Ferritin (499, week 38, 23/03/2017) looks to be, well, rather convenient, seeing as they were aiming for a target of 500, and the previous three values were 696, 643 and 642. And yes, I did tell them almost exactly that at the consultation, and I also told them that the previous week the blood-letting staff at LGH were quite concerned that their venesection protocol had ceased to be effective. Time will tell if I have to declare that result as dodgy, but for now I'm letting it stand as either a valid but surprising good result or as testimony to data creativity.

But it's not important, as they say.

Yet for some reason they have changed my 6-weekly checks back to 4-weekly.


Department of Corrections

Posted by on March 22nd 2017 in A bit of a rant, In the News

Most of today's news is fairly grim, but here's a reason to be cheerful:

Story here.

Of course, that was the easy bit.

A real challenge would be to convince the BBC's dimwitted web writers/editors to use the acronym "NASA", not "Nasa".

Note to Auntie: It's not as if there are no clues on the web. You could even crib it from the NASA logo:


Another T#@t

Posted by on March 22nd 2017 in Driveway-blocking feckwits and piss-poor parkers

And here's one from the 10th:




Posted by on March 22nd 2017 in Driveway-blocking feckwits and piss-poor parkers



The end of the Thin Blue Line

Posted by on March 12th 2017 in Rambling on...

Harrow Brook again. The supply of contaminant seemed to have stopped and a little overnight drizzle had diluted things a bit, but it was still noticeably blue. We walked upstream again from the Harrowbrook roundabout, taking pics until we came to the end of the accessible bank-side:








Progress being foiled, we back-tracked to the car and drove to a spot upstream where the brook enters the industrial estate.

There, next to the Ashby Canal, we found where the blue stuff was still trickling into the brook:



We traced the outflow to a ditch which was still bright blue, where the foot-bridge was adorned with a couple of "portable loo" panels:





A little further up we found where the blue stuff was entering the ditch... a pipe leading from the unit in the corner of the industrial estate:



Even further up, on the other side of the A47,  there was no blue:



Now, I'm not an expert on these matters, but they say that if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck...

so maybe this one is a toilet-duck?

Here's what's in the compound of that unit in the corner of the industrial estate:



No names, no pack-drill. Nothing is proven yet. The E.A. can call this one.

Thin Blue Line

Posted by on March 11th 2017 in Rambling on...

The usually-clear Harrow Brook in Hinckley had turned an almost-opaque vivid blue this morning. I walked the bank upstream for about a mile but didn't find the source of the contamination. The voles, the ducks and even the rats were conspicuously absent.

It looks like some ne'er-do-well on the industrial estate had decided to dump something naughty in it. There's a slim chance that it might be a bona fide watercourse-tracing dye but I'm told that they usually use a green dye for that sort of thing.

After chatting to the local PCSO about it I reported it to the Environment Agency who said that they would send out a local response unit to investigate.

I'll be checking it again on Sunday, if it's still bad I'll get more pics, with a better camera, for the E.A.'s investigation.




Posted by on March 4th 2017 in Fundraising Folk, In the News

You'll have noticed the Ambionics Fundraiser widget in the sidebar, it should have a picture in it but there's a coding error somewhere, it should look something like:


Anyway, notwithstanding such trivial matters, Ambionics is a worthy cause. Please click the widget (or the version of it in this post), read about the project, and give what you can to support it.

Click here for the Beeb's news page covering this story.

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