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Incessant bollocks from the Beeb’s Sochi crew

Posted by on February 16th 2014 in A bit of a rant, On the box

Is anybody else fed up with the interminable spouting of "really really" and "very very" by the Beeb's presenters, commentators and pundits?

Many instances of "very unique" haven't gone unnoticed either.

The worst one so far, IMHO, is "really really very very good indeed".

It's all too much for anyone who cares about the English language. I fear I'll be watching the rest of the spectacle with the sound muted.

Their maths leaves a lot to be desired, too. Online, we're told that the GB Men's Curling Team needs to beat China in order to advance into the semis...

yet the results and fixtures table paints a very different picture:

Sorry, Beeb, you get zero marks for technical merit.

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