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Down the pan?

Posted by on August 31st 2007 in Name and Shame, Rambling on...

Here's another thread about Gear Zone.


Credit where it’s due

Posted by on August 31st 2007 in Blog on Blog, Blog on Site, Projects, Site update, Thanks

Since setting up this latest incarnation of the blog, I've had significant help with my attempts to hack the CSS code to get things the way I want them. I thought that I would take this opportunity to credit the folk who have been kind enough to come to my aid.

  • Dean J. Robinson - he's the designer of the Redoable 1.2 theme. Access to his Redoable Support Forum has helped a lot, I've picked up many tips from there, including the method for disabling the forcing of lowercase characters.
  • Tom Wood at MoonbatWingnut pointed me in the right direction for changing the CSS for adding the image above the sidebar. His site's being developed at the moment, not much content yet but I'm learning from the changes that he makes.
  • Murad Hassan sent me some sample code telling me how he added his image above his sidebar. This information, coupled with that from Tom, meant that I could finish the hack. Murad's blog is a great commentary on the political situation in The Maldives, it's well worth a read. In addition to his blog, he's got a Maldives Guide website, so if you're considering a holiday in the sun, this could be useful.
  • Paula's contribution to this support thread was a key factor in the addition and positioning of the main header image.

So, here's a big thanks to you all. If I can be of any help to any of you, just ask, I'll see what I can do.

It’s the migration season

Posted by on August 29th 2007 in Blog on Blog, Just for fun

Just like in those epic documentaries by Sir David, we can see a mass migration taking place. Vast herds of bloggers are moving across the landscape, leaving behind the featureless wastes of WLS and Blogger, heading for the fertile land of WordPress. Only one pair of migrants hasn't made it so far, it's possible that the crocs got them at the river-crossing.

Here's to Darren and Ali & Lay (if they get a move on)!

One small step for (a) man…

Posted by on August 29th 2007 in Site update

... one giant leap for my "Inner Stickler".

Yes, we now have uppercase characters where they belong. Capitalisation is no longer a problem!

OK, so it's no great shakes to you, but it means a lot to me.

Note: This post has been edited - the alternative spelling of "capitalization" has been used, in order to satisfy the masses.

A few site updates/changes

Posted by on August 29th 2007 in Maps, Projects, Site update

First up - The page about Wales has been updated - Snowdonia map added, Brecon Beacons should follow in due course, and then Pembroke.

Secondly - I've added some notes to the "been there, done that" page, indicating which pages haven't yet been populated.

Thirdly - All maps have been updated. Colourschemes have been tweaked to be a bit more in tune with the page, and that annoying "scroll wheel zoom" function has been disabled. All maps now have a full-screen option and they no longer recentre when an info-bubble is closed

Finally - I'm currently hacking the CSS to allow the upper-case letters in all titles (the original CSS forces lower-case). So far I've fixed it for blog entry titles, now I need to sort the page titles and sidebar widget titles. IMO, caps are important. Whatever happened to standards, eh?

All my own work

Posted by on August 27th 2007 in Blog on Blog

This link says it all.


A different sort of map

Posted by on August 27th 2007 in Maps

I found this interesting map while surfing:

Cooh, eh?

The source site is


Posted by on August 26th 2007 in Just for fun

The same holds for this rating cert:

This just goes to prove that this blog really isn't a proper hard-core outdoors blog at all, thus confirming the previously-stated opinions of various self-appointed online experts... but it is cleaner than OM's Bennachie thread! :-)


Posted by on August 26th 2007 in Just for fun

Well, this Blog Addiction questionnaire seems to be doing the rounds, it's on so many blogs that I don't rightly know who to credit for it, so if it was you, thanks!

74%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

That must mean that, at maximum, I'm only 26% addicted to a combination of alcohol, sex and smoking. See, I knew things weren't so bad.

… and two more…

Posted by on August 26th 2007 in Blog on Blog, Maps, Projects, Site update

Western and North Western Fells added as well.

Duncan's got the map-bug too!

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