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Statcounter guest access now turned off

Posted by on July 31st 2007 in Site update

Sorry, but I've had to flick the switch and disable access for guests - a naughty visitor has been mucking about in there.

Progress with the pics page

Posted by on July 29th 2007 in Photo hosting, Site update

More album links have been added to the pics page, total now 8.

There are a few more to add, I'll get it done next week.

Playing with Zoto

Posted by on July 26th 2007 in Photo hosting

Today I signed up for a free trial with Zoto. I've uploaded half a dozen pics (so far) to see how they're dealt with and to look at what options there are for linking to them with this blog.

Here's one that I prepared earlier...

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Stats/visitor tracker added

Posted by on July 25th 2007 in Site update

Just added a free tracker from, it's currently near the bottom of the sidebar. I've set it up to allow guest access, so you can have a nosey around all of the options if you want, just click on the "Blog Stats" text below the badge to get access.

New tent – Vango Spectre 200

Posted by on July 24th 2007 in Shiny new kit

Behold - the Vango Spectre 200. Not exactly a super-lightweight backpacking tent, but quite good for less than 63 notes delivered.

It's been pitched in the back garden for the last 6 nights, not quite camping in the wild but it's the best I can manage at the moment :-( Mind you, the weather's been dire during that time, 20cm of rain has fallen and there have been some tree-felling winds.

Anyway, it's quite black, but contrary to expectations it's quite bright inside, where there's plenty of room for 2 + gear.

The porch is a bit slim, but the inner can be dropped to make masses of space if it's needed.

There's quite a bit of storage space under the fly at either end, too.

I've spent one rainy night in it so far, and can report the following:

  • There was no condensation at all, so the venting must be effective;
  • There is room for 2 shortarses (like me) to sit upright in the central third of the inner;
  • It's very stable when the TBS is deployed;
  • There's hardly any wind-flap;
  • The zips on the inner (mesh door) are a faff, they need some lube;
  • The groundsheet is very slippery - maybe this will become less of a problem after a period of use.

I'll post a proper review after it's been used in anger.


Houston, we have cleared the tower…

Posted by on July 24th 2007 in Blog on Blog, Projects

Welcome to the new blog.

I'll start with an apology to all you folk that have been following my old blog ( using RSS feed readers - I know it'll be a hassle to change the settings to follow this one, sorry about that!

And then there all those hyperlinks to change on all those blogrolls...

Why the move? Well, Windows Live Spaces was fine as a starter blog, being a simple one-page format, but as my plans developed it was becoming clear that WLS would not be able to accommodate all that I want to achieve. This free WordPress blog is a step closer, I'll give it a try-out for a few months and then decide whether to stick with it or go for a full hosted WP jobbie and all the customisation potential that comes with it.

As (or should that be "if"?) you trawl around the site, please bear in mind that some bits are still in the construction phase, and others are experimental and liable to change. If you find any glaring errors, or just want to make your mark, sling me some feedback on the appropriate page, and I'll attend to matters ASAP.

Have fun!


Another dickhead

Posted by on July 23rd 2007 in A bit of a rant, Driveway-blocking feckwits

Will the driver of the blue Renault Espace, registration number L489BWP, please note that the next time you park across the entry/exit of my driveway, I'll be reporting you to the police again.





Good Morning, here is the news.

Posted by on July 18th 2007 in Rambling on...


Break out the virtual beers and grab a slice of cyber-cake...


BG is 45 today!



Posted by on July 17th 2007 in Projects

Yesterday I mentioned that I had some secret significant projects in the offing...

Guess who was on the phone early the next morning, trying to get me to spill the beans?

Nice try, WD, but you've no chance.

The new tent’s here!

Posted by on July 17th 2007 in A bit of a rant, Name and Shame, Shiny new kit

Yup, that's right. It's here.

But it didn't come from Gear-Zone, as they eventually condescended to respond to my emails, telling me that their supplier was still out of stock, that I would be waiting for weeks rather than days, and would I like a refund? Yes, I replied. It'll take up to 14 days working days, said the response. Suffice to say that copies of all of our email correspondence have been sent to the Visa Debit Card Services dept. of my bank, as per their request. I'm still waiting for that refund, though.

Oh, did I say that I had been in touch with their supplier, and that there isn't a stock problem there?

Anyway, I bought this tent (same maker, same model as the one that Gear-Zone can't supply) from Gaynor Sports, Ambleside. Ordered Saturday, arrived this morning. Top service, a good price and with free delivery. They'll go into the "Preferred Retailers" list on here as soon as I can sort it out. Tomorrow I'll be performing the standard "pitch it on the back lawn and try to stop the cat p155ing on it" test, maybe I'll take a few pics too.

Methinks that I'll be starting a new black-list on this blogsite. All I need is a catchy title. Contenders so far are: "Sh1te Retailers", "Thieving Robdogs", and ""These shops don't stock what they advertise (but tell you that they do) but still take your money when you order, then they sit on your cash, make interest and excuses, then claim that the problem is caused by their supplier". If you have any other suggestions, just let me know and I'll give them due consideration.

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