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Department of Corrections

Posted by on March 22nd 2017 in A bit of a rant, In the News

Most of today's news is fairly grim, but here's a reason to be cheerful:

Story here.

Of course, that was the easy bit.

A real challenge would be to convince the BBC's dimwitted web writers/editors to use the acronym "NASA", not "Nasa".

Note to Auntie: It's not as if there are no clues on the web. You could even crib it from the NASA logo:



Posted by on March 4th 2017 in Fundraising Folk, In the News

You'll have noticed the Ambionics Fundraiser widget in the sidebar, it should have a picture in it but there's a coding error somewhere, it should look something like:


Anyway, notwithstanding such trivial matters, Ambionics is a worthy cause. Please click the widget (or the version of it in this post), read about the project, and give what you can to support it.

Click here for the Beeb's news page covering this story.

Much depends on what shape balls you have

Posted by on November 3rd 2016 in In the News

Rugby Football Union chief executive Ian Ritchie has confirmed the England players will wear poppies on their shirts for the autumn Test against South Africa at Twickenham on 12 November.

World governing body World Rugby has been "very supportive", according to Ritchie.

"We are commemorating and remembering all people who have died in conflict. This is not a partisan thing or a political statement," Ritchie told BBC Radio 5 live.

"This is something that is just right as an act of remembrance, and it is right to do it on the weekend when we play South Africa."

Wales' rugby team will also wear a commemorative poppy on their shirt in their Test against Argentina on the same day.

The above is from

FIFA - not "Fifa", as the BBC (or perhaps that should be the Bbc) insist on reporting - could learn much by pulling its head out of its arse and looking around to see how others deal with such matters.

There's a petition at

Did the earth move for you?

Posted by on August 1st 2016 in In the News, Maps

It's the 1st of August and the layout of the north of England has gone barmy. The LDNP extended within Cumbria - I can just about understand that. But the YDNP extended into Cumbria and Lancashire? How does that work?



So, now there are even more bits of the LDNP that are not merely unmarked but simply don't appear on my worn-in but not yet worn-out OS OL English Lakes paper set, or my Memory-Map 1:25k Lake District 'puter maps, or even my two excellent AZ Adventure Lake District map-books.

How long before the OS tries to sell us Outdoor Leisure OL "7 and a bit"?


And before you say anything about the UMapper maps on this blog, yes, I know that they're fcuked. UMapper is defunct, and I have yet to find a suitable replacement.

Best served cold

Posted by on July 20th 2016 in In the News, Just for fun

Image courtesy of my friend and neighbour Chris.

Lest we forget

Posted by on June 25th 2016 in In the News

Europe is much bigger than just the EU:

Anyway, that's where we were a few days ago.

Any idea where we'll end up?

As I recall, the Referendum was only about membership of the EU, and not about membership of the Council of Europe, the EU Customs Union or the European Economic Area, each of which are bigger bodies.

Same for Article 50. As far as I can see, It's a process for leaving the EU, not for leaving the other bits.

Comments welcome.

There's a cool clickable version of this Euler diagram at:

More details

Posted by on February 18th 2016 in Illness and injury, In the News

The Beeb now have hold of the story...

Leicester Royal Infirmary closes wards over swine flu.

Still no signs of the disease in yours truly.

Neutrophils now 0.00 again (as per Cycle 1), so no infection resistance. Was in Day Ward again today, was sent home yet again and was informed that the daily in-out would continue into next week.

Ooda Thunkit

Posted by on June 28th 2013 in In the News

How many years have we been made to fund successive governments' barmy policies to address climate change?

Looks like Aldi have an economical Climate Control solution:




Cyberdyne Systems Series R20 Model 101

Posted by on June 24th 2013 in In the News

This year's Fathers' Day saw the welcome addition of the "Terminator" box-set to the DVD/BluRay collection.



You know the story-lines... Terminators sent back in time, their missions being to kill off the Resistance-to-be at various points within the plot's history, trying to ensure that both Judgment Day and the Rise of the Machines come to pass.

I used to see parallels between the Machines and wind-turbines, between Skynet and RES, between John Connor and Alan Sloman, but the men in white coats put me in a padded room and tried to cure me of my delusions and of my overwhelming desire to insert another "e" into "Judgment".


 Today's news, therefore, is a tad spooky:



Screengrab source and story


Feed me!

Posted by on March 14th 2013 in In the News

Hmm... Google is to retire Reader and a handful of other useful services.

That'll fcuk-up a few bloggers and smartphone users, I'll warrant.

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