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Impaired egress

Here's a big sarcastic "WELL DONE" to Jackie - mobile hairdresser and inconsiderate parker of Suzuki Ignis, registration number Y847GDU.

Please note that the next time you park either partially or wholly across the entry/exit of our driveway, I'll be reporting you to the police, and I'll be telling them just how often you block us in/out. That might make you consider apologising for making my wife late for work, rather than just walking off in a care-free manner and saying nowt.

Another dickhead

Will the driver of the blue Renault Espace, registration number L489BWP, please note that the next time you park across the entry/exit of my driveway, I'll be reporting you to the police again.



Another a**hole with more money than brains

For your viewing pleasure: One New Landrover Discovery, cherished registration W222SJM, grey, parked across the pavement and blocking access to my driveway. Apparently, if you've got enough dosh, you can be exempted from the provisions of the Highway Code.

Being a good citizen of the realm, I've sent pics and a report to the local police.



So, I needed to go out in the car, and some eejut had decided to park across the exit to my driveway, somewhat f***ing stupid if you ask me, as there was only one other car parked at the roadside in the whole of the close, so it's not as if there wasn't room for another 15 cars to be parked in a considerate manner. If you encounter the owner/driver of Ford Fusion FD53CVV, please pass on my two-fingered regards.



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