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And another

Posted by on March 28th 2017 in Driveway-blocking feckwits and piss-poor parkers

One of today's feckwits:


My neighbour must be tearing her hair out, she'll never get her car in or out past this selfish &^*%^$

Another T#@t

Posted by on March 22nd 2017 in Driveway-blocking feckwits and piss-poor parkers

And here's one from the 10th:




Posted by on March 22nd 2017 in Driveway-blocking feckwits and piss-poor parkers



Bunch of arse

Posted by on November 20th 2013 in Driveway-blocking feckwits and piss-poor parkers

Now the feckwits are blocking me in two at a time!

I'm going to need a longer wall and a bigger firing-squad:



Well, it's been a while. There's not been much to blog about - no epic days on the hill, no gear-testing, no firm plans for much in the way of outdoorsy-stuff.

Our bonfire party went well on Saturday. I would have taken pics but due to the lower-than-usual turnout of responsible adults I was stuck on firework-ignition and bonfire-stoking all night so the camera stayed unused. Our over-the-road neighbours donated a huge pile of privet from their garden-clearance, it lasted a good five hours and the fire-pit is still aglow two days later.

The cardiac rehab folk at Glenfield Hospital are on the ball - we've already been to an introductory lecture about CHD and I have a couple of appointments coming up: one to arrange a suitable physio regime (although they seem to think that my current levels of exercise and exertion are above and beyond what their usual patients are expected to achieve) and there's a follow-up with the cardiac consultant booked for the start of 2014. Indeed, they've been chasing me on the phone to make sure that I'm going to attend. It's a slick system, they're real pros and they treat me as a human being.

Sadly, the same can't be said of the staff of the Booking Centre staff Leicester Royal Infirmary where they're desperately avoiding having to fix my arse after they wrecked it back in January 2012, and where I'm just a number to be juggled to make their stats look acceptable, not a person who they've made virtually unfit for employment.

I saw a brilliant Functional Bowel Service Specialist Practitioner (SP) back on 20th June, she taught me how to exercise specific muscles and insisted on a follow-up appointment no more than two weeks later because if I wasn't doing the exercises correctly I'd be doing more harm than good. Before I left the consultation we'd arranged for the follow-up to be on the 4th of July, and she'd made the appropriate entry in her diary.

Just two days before I was due to go in, the Booking Centre staff phoned me to bump my appointment to 5th August, and lied to me about the reason why. My protestations and explanations of the medical need went unheeded, and when I explained the situation to the SP in August she was livid when she found that I'd been told that she'd not be on site on 4th July - she showed me her diary which clearly indicated that she'd been on duty on 4th July and that some lying sod at the Booking Centre had told her that I'd rearranged my appointment!

I left that consultation with the promise of an appointment with a colorectal consultant within the next month, and true to her word the SP managed to get me booked in - I received a letter, dated 15th August, detailing an appointment on 25th September...

but on 19th August the Booking Centre bumped that to 30th October...

and then on 15th October they bumped it again, to 26th November...

and today I received a letter, dated 7th November, telling me that they had cancelled that. Not bumped, cancelled. There was no explanation other than "due to unforseen [sic] circumstances..."

And they wonder why my blood-pressure is so high!

They can expect me to be in touch soon, and they'd better have a damned good explanation of what's going on. One more bump or fcuk-up and I'll be naming-and-shaming, first in front of the Trustees, and second, if necessary, here on my lowly blog. Oh, and probably on a few choice online forums too.

I tell you; come the revolution, the liars among the Booking Centre staff will be first against the wall.

Second against the wall will be the Macmillan Nurse who, despite having numerous options for sensible parking, insists on obstructing my driveway whenever she visits our neighbour:


It’s Park Like A Tw@t Day… again.

And the award for "Tw@t of the Day" goes to the driver of Blue Nissan Micra S32HOJ:



For the avoidance of doubt, here's a full-res crop:



Impaired egress

Here's a big sarcastic "WELL DONE" to Jackie - mobile hairdresser and inconsiderate parker of Suzuki Ignis, registration number Y847GDU.

Please note that the next time you park either partially or wholly across the entry/exit of our driveway, I'll be reporting you to the police, and I'll be telling them just how often you block us in/out. That might make you consider apologising for making my wife late for work, rather than just walking off in a care-free manner and saying nowt.

Another dickhead

Will the driver of the blue Renault Espace, registration number L489BWP, please note that the next time you park across the entry/exit of my driveway, I'll be reporting you to the police again.



Another a**hole with more money than brains

For your viewing pleasure: One New Landrover Discovery, cherished registration W222SJM, grey, parked across the pavement and blocking access to my driveway. Apparently, if you've got enough dosh, you can be exempted from the provisions of the Highway Code.

Being a good citizen of the realm, I've sent pics and a report to the local police.



So, I needed to go out in the car, and some eejut had decided to park across the exit to my driveway, somewhat f***ing stupid if you ask me, as there was only one other car parked at the roadside in the whole of the close, so it's not as if there wasn't room for another 15 cars to be parked in a considerate manner. If you encounter the owner/driver of Ford Fusion FD53CVV, please pass on my two-fingered regards.



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