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Posted by on March 4th 2017 in Fundraising Folk, In the News

You'll have noticed the Ambionics Fundraiser widget in the sidebar, it should have a picture in it but there's a coding error somewhere, it should look something like:


Anyway, notwithstanding such trivial matters, Ambionics is a worthy cause. Please click the widget (or the version of it in this post), read about the project, and give what you can to support it.

Click here for the Beeb's news page covering this story.

No such thing as bad publicity

Posted by on June 15th 2012 in Congratulations!, Fundraising Folk, In the News

Today's bizarre events regarding the NeverSeconds blog have resulted in an incredible increase in donations at Veg's chosen charity:




This girl deserves a medal!

We need a go, no-go for launch

Posted by on November 30th 2009 in Fundraising Folk, Great Escapes, In the News, Weather

There's snow on them there Cumbrian Fells and the winter gear's prepped and ready for the off when the opportunity arises.

But there's a dilemma. Something twisting in my mind that I've got to get straightened out before I can commit to another visit...

During the current post-flooding clean-up and repair operation, would my going be a drain on the resources of the area or would it help to contribute to the local economy?

Just getting there could be a strain on the transport infrastructure, what with the trashed roads and unsafe bridges that are the focus of repair gangs and the Army. I'd planned to stay at one of the YHA hostels and maybe eat and drink out, but I can't see that much of the spend would benefit those who are in most need. Besides, I'm sure that the LDSAMRA would have better things to do than to chug up a hill to stretcher me down if the need arose. They're all volunteers from the local community, they've been involved as rescuers during the recent disaster and no doubt they all know somebody who's suffered because of the deluge. I don't want to be a potential distraction while they deal with the aftermath of the floods.

Maybe the best thing for me to do is to stay away for a while and let them concentrate on getting the basics sorted out. In the meantime, a contribution to the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund via The Cumbria Community Foundation website or to the Cumbria Flood Appeal 2009 via The Wainwright Society's website would seem to be the best way to ensure that help gets to the folk that need it. John Hee recommends supporting MREW's Basecamp, more details here.

The people and places of Cumbria have given me much joy over the many years that I've been going there.

It's time to give something back.

Rattling the tins 2

Posted by on April 20th 2009 in Fundraising Folk, Illness and injury

Thanks go to Graham Faithfull (aka Stourvale Walker) for some info that he just posted about another fundraising LEJOGer, Brendan, who's raising money for Greenwich and Bexley Hospice. You can contribute at

Graham's own big walk, along the Offa's Dyke Path, came to a sudden end at Long Ashton due to a sprained ankle - let's hope that he makes a quick recovery and gets to have another go when he's fixed.

Rattling the tins

Posted by on April 4th 2009 in Fundraising Folk

Welcome to the first post in the "Fundraising Folk" category. The aim of this is to spread the word about bloggers who are out there raising money for good causes while doing walks and/or other activities. Hopefully you'll be tempted to contribute to their coffers.

Here's a couple for starters:

OBF member Geoff Gafford is just about to start his LEJOG in support of The Multiple Sclerosis Research and Relief Fund, you can contribute at

Sophie Easterbrook and Patch are planning to do a June JOGLE in support of Dogs Trust, you can contribute at

If you're planning a similar fundraising activity, send me the details via my Contact Page and I'll see about spreading the word for you.

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