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A composite map

Posted by on November 15th 2007 in Maps, Projects

Right, here's another map, built from the seven KML channels that are used in the individual Wainwright area maps posted in the "Been there, done that" sub-pages. Each channel can be toggled on or off by using the controls in the map's tools sidebar.

Hopefully, Mad Jim will get this to load! 😉

EDIT: I've moved this map to a new page, so that it doesn't delay the loading of the blog.

Ennerdale wildie question

Posted by on October 10th 2007 in Great Escapes, Maps, Site update

A bird (of the feathered variety) hassled me on the descent to the valley... could someone please give me a definite answer as to what it was? I've trawled through all of the relevant books in my mini-library but I can't find a positive match.

Thanks in advance.

A different sort of map

Posted by on August 27th 2007 in Maps

I found this interesting map while surfing:

Cooh, eh?

The source site is

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