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Posted by on March 26th 2014 in Maps, Video (YouTube, Vimeo etc.)

Sometimes a bit o' idle surfin' can get ye t' where ye di'nae realise ye wanted t' be...

Durin' a short "free period" I'd been porin' o'er some charts. Real charts. Prepare t' be boarded! Big flappy unruly Ordnance Survey paper sheets. If ye remember these thin's, ye'll remember the faff involved in foldin' 'em away neatly after use. You'll likely also remember that repeated use destroys any stressed/strained intersections o'  folds.

Anyway, duty called so I put away the charts. Some DIY were bein' required, a drill were bein' necessary, an' the all-singin', all-dancin' one that I'd bought fer me Dad (so that I could borrow it permanently) were bein', fer some strange reason, at me Dad's place, on a dead man's chest! Nay matter, a detour t' the local Lidl durin' a cardio-exercise walk resulted in the acquisition o' a cheap cordless jobbie.

Back at the ranch I did the DIY an' decided that the cheap jobbie were bein' in fact quite good. So good that I looked into buyin' a spare battery-pack fer it. At some point durin' the web-search I got distracted by Wikipedia's page on Li-ion batteries an' found meself readin' about their flexibility (see here).

I got side-tracked by the Miura Fold/Solar Panel Array thing...

And Google took me here an' here...

And then the droppin' penny reached its target.

Aye, I know 'tis been done afore, but I've a mind t' give it a try fer meself on a newish real chart once I've ironed-out all o' them there standard-issue O. S. Prepare t' be boarded! creases. I might start wi' a Memory-Map printout an' work me way up from there.

Here be a YT clip o' how it works:


Let’s Rock!!!

Posted by on October 9th 2012 in Maps, Video (YouTube, Vimeo etc.)

Not this:




That's just a screenshot o' the BGS Geology o' Britain viewer, ye can load the viewer in ye browser by clickin' here.


You can also generate embed code fer stickin' interactive charts into blog posts, just like this:

 That's where Ken were bein' a few days ago.


 The BGS also have a few apps fer iPhone an' Android, I have both the iGeology an' iGeology3D apps on me HTC Wildfire an' they've been useful fer info when out an' about. I'd imagin' that they'd look an' work really well on an iPad or an Android tablet but I can't verify that as I own neither.


That said, the iGeology app works a treat on the XP laptop when runnin' in the BlueStacks App Player:

Cock o' Arran


It's a nice bit o' kit t' have around if ye're into that sort o' thing.

If it would work in/wi' Memory-Map etc. then route-plannin' accordin' t' geological features rather than by topography would be a doddle.

Not going the extra mile

Posted by on April 30th 2011 in Great Escapes, Maps, Rambling on...

One o' the minor hassles o' bein' a "bagger" o' Wainwrights be that there be times when I'm up on the fells an' I get t' thinkin' "I'm happy, I've done enough, I dern't really fancy goin' up that next bit just fer the sake o' another tick on a list". At the time it seems the right thing t' do, there be no point in o'er-stretchin', it takes the fun out o' it. After all, we've likely all heard, an' possibly even used, phrases like "the hills will still be there tomorrow". Fetch me spyglass, avast! Fell-walkin' be supposed t' be about pleasure, nae pressure.

Trouble be, it plays wi' me mind, especially straight after the choice becomes irrevocable, usually on the walk-out. Those naggin' thoughts that it would be easy, that I've let meself down, that I'll have t' walk large bits again fer less gain, an' a bottle o' rum! It needles me, it makes me regretful, an' eventually it starts t' rob me o' the pleasure that I thought I'd 'ad.

The problems become even more apparent later when an OCD ticker such as meself, 200 miles away from the fells, looks at the chart an' at the "t' do" list an' thinks...

  • twice I've been up Skiddaw an' twice I've nae continued northwards that extra league t' visit Bakestall...
  • if I'd detoured the extra league t' Lonscale Fell the first time I went up Skiddaw, I wouldn't have 'ad t' go up there again last week...
  • if I'd just walked that extra league further durin' the 2008 wildcamp wi' Chris, I would have got t' Shipman Knotts...
  • if me mind ha'nae been preoccupied wi' other thin's, I wouldn't have turned back half a league short o' Green Crag way back in 2006...
  • if I'd been a bit more strict wi' meself, I wouldn't have declined the half-league detour t' Rest Dodd durin' the 2007 wildcamp wi' Chris...
  • the further league or so from there t' The Nab would be doable too...
  • an' as fer the first two circuits o' Seat Sandal, afore the third attempt when I actually did reach the top, the less said, the better.

So now, apart from a couple o' decent-length walks durin' each o' which I can pull in a handful o' currently-unascended tops, I'm left wi' several singletons or pairs o' unvisited short-walk fells, linked only t' places that I've trodden afore. "Fragmented" be the word that sprin's t' mind.

I suppose that a weekend dedicated solely t' nabbin' these scattered thin's would be effective, but there'd be as much time spent sailin' as would be spent walkin' - where's the fun in that?


Rest Dodd


Maybe I should simply stop bein' a bagger, bin the list an' just walk fer the hell o' it.

Mind ye, I'm only 20 shy o' the finish - that's the stats-equivalent o' the last league...

Maybe a beer would help?


Posted by on December 13th 2010 in Maps

Unlike me finger, Low Stonythwaite were bein' cut off in its prime...


On me 1987 paper chart.


On me printout o' me 2004 digital chart.


My finger's still more-or-less intact an' attached. Whatever now remains o' Low Stonythwai(te) be at Grid Ref SD2182596915 (ish) if ye're interested.

It's been claimed many times that our national mappin' agency deliberately puts errors in digital charts in order t' "trap" copyright violators, these claims be generally denied. I can't vouch fer either side o' this debate, but I'd say that if our national mappin' agency really be deliberately an' knowingly publishin' such errors in documents that be supposed t' be as accurate as possible, it smacks o' misuse o' fundin' which no doubt originally came from the public's purse or wallet. Aarrr, on a dead man's chest! That can't be legal, can it?

YHA in the LD

Posted by on November 25th 2010 in Maps, Thanks

I've an interest in auld charts. Until recently I 'ad some from the mid- an' late- 20th century that I referred t' often when plannin' outin's in the Lake District, the sort o' charts that A.W. himself might have 'ad at his disposal. Prepare t' be boarded! It were bein' interestin' t' compare 'em t' what's now available online, an' a bottle o' rum! Although the lie o' the land doesn't change much o'er a short span o' time, a lot o' the detail does. Access-points change, paths be re-routed, buildin's be added, subtracted, re-designated...

Anyways, I'd been lookin' at them there little Hostel symbols on the paper an' nae seein' the correspondin' features on the ground (or on the lappy screen), so I got it into me head that I wanted t' find out a bit more about 'em. You'd think that Google would be a good place t' start, but it ain't so - findin' information about nameless hostels that closed o'er 50 years ago isn't as easy as findin' a bargain netbook on t'internet, I'll warrant ye. Porin' o'er auld YHA Handbooks revealed a fair bit o' information, but I found the best source o' data a few days ago - Hannah Curzon (YHA Historian), wi' a chest full o' booty. The winsome lass's been extremely helpful, sendin' me spreadsheets o' data wi' grid-refs, dates, etchins an' all sorts o' other nice bits o' info, an' fer all that I owe 'er me thanks, by Davy Jones' locker. FWIW, I found Hannah's contact details here.

I'm currently collatin' the stuff an' tryin' t' get it into some semblance o' order. For starters, I wanted t' get make some spatial sense o' it all, so I've done a preliminary rough chart-plot o' the 59 (so far) locations o' past an' present hostels usin' Umapper. For now it has only minimal information on it, hopefully I will put more flesh on the bones when time allows. Here be how it looks so far, feel free t' provoke it wi' yer mouse:


Key: Green = currently in operation, others = decommissioned.

Moon map

Posted by on May 29th 2010 in Astrostuff, Maps, Projects

Just hashed together a "chart" o' me lunar etchins usin' the excellent UMapper Custom Map service.

Feel free t' zoom, drag, click, whatever takes yer fancy.



The markers show the features that I've imaged wi' the 8" Newtonian scope usin' either the SPC900NC webcam or the DMK21AU04.AS camera.

Key t' markers: green = crater, white = Apollo landin' site, blue = rille, fault or other feature.

Reduced versions o' me images be included in the info boxes an' there be associated observin' reports on me blog, if ye've a mind t' look fer 'em.

The base-image be taken from Virtual Moon Atlas version 5.0 (copyright 2001-2009 Christian Legrand, Patrick Chevalley), modified an' used under the terms o' the GNU General Public License.


Posted by on April 20th 2010 in In the News, Maps, Weather

It's interestin' watchin' the plane icons loopin'-the-loop o'er at - there be only two in the air in our airspace right now, an' they've been goin' around an' around fer ages. Load the cannons! Ye'll be sleepin' wi' the fishes! It reminds me o' Die Hard 2...

Here be BAW84 at 19:26. After a few more loops above the IOM, it went t' Dublin but got turned away, wi' a chest full o' booty. After a wander across the mainland UK it eventually went off the screen at London:


And here be BAW284 at 19:26, spendin' nearly two hours circlin' above the west coast o' Ireland...


an' again, o'er 1.5 hours later, eventually reachin' London after six loops above Ireland:


All this were bein' happenin' afore the UK airports were allowed t' open, ye scurvey dog. It's takin' a big chance, crossin' the Atlantic when there be no assurance o' bein' allowed t' land. Maybe they were confident that Bruce Willis would turn up an' save the day :roll:


Posted by on November 10th 2008 in In the News, Maps, Plugins

That there chart o' me Wainwrights an' routes (2 posts below this one)... 'tis Map o' the Week o'er at UMapper HQ.


I've nae even finished it yet.

UMapper updated

Posted by on November 6th 2008 in Great Escapes, Maps, Plugins

UMapper's now got quite a few more features, the best one be the (beta) ability t' import data in GPX, KML an' geoRSS formats. Preliminary muckin'-about has resulted in me importin' a whole load o' me Lake District walkin' routes from the Memory-Map installation on me lappy. Ye'll be gettin' three lashes f' that, me lad! Be warned - it takes a while t' load. An' hoist the mains'l! Later on, I'll get around t' addin' some notes/markers/lines etc., but fer now, WYSIWYG.


Just testing UMapper

Posted by on July 3rd 2008 in Maps, Rambling on...

I've been playin' around wi' UMapper, another nice chart-makin' service, wi' a chest full o' booty. It says that 'tis "the first universal web-based chart-layerin' engine", an' they claim that 'tis good fer Blogger an' WordPress, amongst other blog services. Ahoy! Have ye seen the size o' the cabin-boy's hornpipe? You get the choice o' Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth or OpenStreet. I've 'ad a go wi' the WordPress plug-in version an' made this wi'out havin' t' leave the WP admin area:



STOP PRESS! July 23rd 2008: Version 1.2.0 o' the UMapper plugin were bein' released, but it broke the blog when I updated t' it, preventin' me accessin' any o' the blog admin. I 'ad t' delete the plugin files an' reinstall version 1.1.8.

STOP PRESS! July 25th 2008: Version 1.3.2 o' the UMapper plugin were bein' released, but it broke the blog when I updated t' it, preventin' me accessin' any o' the blog admin, an' givin' the followin' error-messgae: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare media_admin_css() (previously declared in /home/beardedg/public_html/wp-content/plugins/umapper/Umapper.php:140) in /home/beardedg/public_html/wp-admin/includes/media.php on line 198. I 'ad t' delete the plugin files an' reinstall version 1.1.8 again.

STOP PRESS! The sharks'll eat well tonight! July 27th 2008: Version 1.3.6 o' the UMapper plugin were bein' released, but it broke the blog when I updated t' it, preventin' me accessin' any o' the blog admin, an' givin' the followin' error-messgae: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare media_admin_css() (previously declared in /home/beardedg/public_html/wp-content/plugins/umapper/Umapper.php:140) in /home/beardedg/public_html/wp-admin/includes/media.php on line 198, I'll warrant ye. I 'ad t' delete the plugin files an' reinstall version 1.1.8 yet again.

STOP PRESS! Stow that bilge, Bos'n! July 28th 2008: Version 1.3.71 o' the UMapper plugin were bein' released, an' it installs but doesn't work right yet (nothin' happens when I click on the "Add UMapper Map" icon in the write post admin screen). Many thanks t' Vic fer the info about the update.

STOP PRESS, an' dinna spare the whip! July 28th 2008: Cleared the cache an' rebooted, all's workin' now. Walk the plank! Fetch me spyglass! Happiness be restored. :grin:

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