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Trench Art?

Posted by on June 25th 2017 in Blast from the Past
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My neighbour was clearing out her shed, she found this tank in a box of tools that belonged to her Dad, and she's kindly given it to me:








Ironically, it appears to have better build-quality than my Kia 🙂


Posted by on June 4th 2017 in Blast from the Past, Just for fun

I've got whites, blues, downers, uppers, flash, halos, LSD LED...

It helps if you have the right connections.


Posted by on January 27th 2011 in Blast from the Past, On the box, Rambling on...

I went to the Post Office to send a parcel.

On display was a modern representation of a bit of nostalgia... a Thunderbirds motion-stamp set:

The grown-up side of me started to walk away, but by then the boyhood side had rifled through the coins in my pockets and bought the thing.

It's cool. Get one.

Still Crazy After All These Years

Posted by on July 10th 2009 in Blast from the Past, Wildcamping

After several hours of frantic and fruitless searching for that one indispensable item of walking gear, I came to the conclusion that my 21st Century stealth-black Lowe Alpine Mountain Cap is destined never to be found.

All was not lost, however, as I'm a gear-hoarder of dubious repute. Off I went to the "saved for posterity" kitbags and pulled out my original cap, still resplendent in a subtle 1980s colourscheme:


I think even ptc* would be proud of this one!

Only a thin covering on the top

Posted by on December 22nd 2008 in Blast from the Past, Pics, Rambling on..., Thanks

Jerome's been kind enough to send me copies of his pics taken during our walk around Cwm Idwal back in April this year, when we attended the OM Beddgelert Meet. Mountain-lovers will be impressed by the way he's captured the interplay between crag and cloud above the Idwal Slabs and Glyder Fawr, but my attention has been distracted by the degree of insulation-loss on the head of the beardy bloke in the foreground. No wonder it was a tad chilly on the top!

Thanks for the pics, Jerome!

Red & yellow & pink & green, purple & orange & blue…

Posted by on November 3rd 2008 in Blast from the Past, Just for fun, Pics

Sorting through a pile of miscellaneous papers, we found a couple of prints that brought back happy memories. I whizzed them through the scanner to preserve copies of the images for posterity. They are from way back when the camera used film (Olympus OM10), outdoors gear was somewhat more colourful and the NT campsite at Wasdale was comparatively tree-less. I'll wager you can tell which is our tent...


Some of you older dyed-in-the-wool gear-heads might even be able to guess the identity of the colourful kit that's on display. To give you a clue, we're talking early 90s here. There'll be no prizes, mind - I'm not as generous as Weird Darren :mrgreen:

You want more clues? OK... Wild Country, Berghaus, Karrimor, Lowe Alpine, Taunton Leisure, Tilley, Heinz...

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