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Not taking the piss

Posted by on April 6th 2017 in Just for fun

Inconvenient Convenience:

Maybe that's what "BOGOF" means.

Take yer pick

Posted by on January 26th 2017 in @ the movies, Just for fun, Video (YouTube, Vimeo etc.)

Not much happening in the real world, so here's some semi-sci-fi and a classic ad:


For the lodger

Posted by on January 17th 2017 in Just for fun


Adapted from

The Angle of the Dangle

Posted by on November 21st 2016 in Just for fun, Maps
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Unlike O.S. maps, this map of Britain is free and can be copied, posted etc. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License (see here).


British Map

LOL @ the BBFC's protractor to the south of the Mull of Kintyre.


Random Acts

Posted by on November 11th 2016 in Just for fun, On the box, Video (YouTube, Vimeo etc.)

For those who missed it on the telly, here are four minutes of brilliance:

BANG! and the dirt is gone…

Posted by on September 25th 2016 in Illness and injury, Just for fun

 Manhattan Project

Best served cold

Posted by on July 20th 2016 in In the News, Just for fun

Image courtesy of my friend and neighbour Chris.

Wherezat? #2 – now with added clues

Posted by on February 21st 2016 in Just for fun

While I was in hospital being given Cycle 2 chemo my parents brought me a get-well card to cheer me up. They know how much I like walking in the Lake District and how often I've been there, so the card had been chosen appropriately. "You'll know exactly where that was taken from" was their assumption as I looked at the picture:

Well, I had to admit that it had me puzzled.
The back of the card wasn't much help either:

Well, I was utterly bamboozled - I've been to Buttermere so many times that I should have a fair holding of shares in The Fish Inn, yet I still couldn't place the point of view in the pic.
Yesterday I was sad enough to resort to the map-stash in order to find out more info. It took me over an hour to find out what's really in the image and where it was taken from.
And yes, I had been there long ago.

Are you up for the same challenge?*

Just in case you want to order cards like this, they are available online from the Stephen Ashmore Photography Greetings Card Website.

*So, it was too difficult, eh?

Here's some additional help, in a negative sort of way...

Neither Buttermere village nor Buttermere itself are in the picture;
Only in the broadest sense could the photo have been taken from Buttermere; and
I assume that neither the walkers nor the sheep are still there.

Seeing red

Posted by on February 21st 2016 in Just for fun

Well, it looked normal on the outside:

But the inside was a different matter:

Needless to say, I didn't eat it.
Apparently the red stuff is some sort of fungal infection.
Oddly, all of the other bananas on the same "hand" were normal.

Gratuitous mugshot

Posted by on February 14th 2016 in Illness and injury, Just for fun, Pics

Men Behaving Baldy.

Nick V., Uncle Fester and Michael N.

Photo by Nick.

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