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No comprende

Posted by on February 6th 2017 in Bargains

I'm starting to believe that I'll never understand Tesco's pricing strategy:


Suffice to say that we bought the six-packs.


Posted by on February 19th 2016 in Bargains, Shiny new kit

The trouble with being "unbusy" is that it allows too much time to spot online bargains.

Since being told that I'd have to wait about 18 months to be well enough to get back in the mountains, I've been snapping up outdoors kit at fairly decent prices.

I nabbed some new Keen Newport H2 sandals to replace my ~10yo originals which have been stuck back together (not to each other, obviously) too many times. A bargain at a reduced price of £48, even better with a 25% discount on selected items code, and only £3.95 p&p. So, less that £40 all in. Tops! Milletsports (not to be confused with Millets) was the place to be looking that day - the deal was for only my size, in an acceptable colour-scheme (India Ink and Rust?!?!) and the 25% discount was applicable that day, so I was just plain lucky and I'm not complaining. Go have a look online and see if there's anything that floats yer boat.

Then I found the almost half-price Mountain Equipment Eclipse Hooded Zip Tee in my size and with free P&P at Joe Brown. It's a brilliant bit of kit for the money - works as baselayer or midlayer, asymmetrical zip, hood, face-guard, drop-hem... so many good features, and perfect for the recently-shaven bonce & chin.

Resistance was futile.

I may post pics soon depending on camera availability and whether I can be arsed. I doubt that anyone will be interested in a review of the Keens, but I sure as hell want to be wearing that ME Hoodie up a mountain for the first time during Late Spring 2016, not during Summer 2017 as the doom-mongers predict, so I might try to hash together a review with pics of it in action before the garment is discontinued. I'll have to regain some body-bulk beforehand though. And some hair would be welcome too.

Hang on, let me see that map again

Posted by on August 21st 2014 in Bargains, Rambling on...

Looks like Mr. Virgo's O-Level Geography classes were wasted on me:

Ah… no problem, monkey-socks

Posted by on March 27th 2013 in Bargains, In the garden, Pics, Testing for review

As this is the 1000th post, I thought a few random recent pics would be appropriate.

I like random. Specific can be a tad boring.

After nearly 40 years of not making pies, it seems that I still have the knack.

This critter often visits but rarely stops. I think it's a Sparrowhawk, what say you?

Icicles on the observatory.

Soft-shell jacket in for review, courtesy of Berghaus.

Nearly-new used bargain: EQ3-2 mount complete with polar-scope and dual-axis tracking motor kit.
New price ~£300, acquired for a shade over £50.

What the WP dashboard widget is telling me.

Bigging it up

Posted by on December 23rd 2012 in Bargains, Just for fun

9" is short and lightweight?

I'm beginning to feel rather inadequate.

Boot deals in clearance section @ Outside

Posted by on December 22nd 2012 in Bargains

If you're going to be heading up some serious stuff anytime soon and you're in need of some new footwear, have a look at what's on offer at Outside.

They have Raichle Expeditions down from £600 to £150, and they have good deals on boots for mere mortals as well!

Just to let you know that I have no affiliation with Outside, they just sent me an email and I thought I'd share the joy.

Lucky Bs

Posted by on November 24th 2012 in Bargains, Shiny new kit

No, not


I'm on about the Extremities® Lucky Bags that Terra Nova have on sale here.

I ordered a couple after reading about them on Grahame's blog - see here.

So, what did we receive?

Chris got these:

Winter Hacking Gloves (RRP £27.00)

 Boreas Windy Took Hat (RRP £29.00)

 Merino Took Hat (Est £25.00)

Super Neck Gaiter (RRP £21.00?)

 I got these:

Lightweight Mountain Mitts (RRP £80.00) - outers on the left, inners on the right

 Balaclava (RRP £22.00)


 Windy Took Hat (RRP £26.00)

and between the two of us we got five mini-karabiners and a bottle-opener:

Unless I've lost the ability to do basic addition, that lot comes to a total of £230.

Yes, I know that Extremities® kit can be had from discount outlets such as TKMaxx, but I've yet to see the Mountain Mitts there for less than £20.

I'd say that these Lucky Bags are worth getting. If you're considering getting one, act soon - they're going fast.

  Now, you'll have to pardon me but I have to get back to the fight for possession of that Merino Took!

Oh and if you're wondering what a Took is, this might help.


Posted by on November 15th 2012 in Bargains, Just for fun

Last time we were at Coventry Tesco we noticed that MoGo Insect Repellent Fabric Conditioner was on offer.

Has anybody out there tried the stuff, and if so was it any good?




Another "find" was this huge krab:


I'd no intention of buying it, I was just intrigued by the ambiguous packaging blurb -

"Parent Organiser... Keeps your bags organised!"

Seems a tad disrespectful, IMO.

"Parent's Organiser" or "Parents' Organiser" might have been better.



Time travel

Posted by on October 4th 2012 in Bargains

Way back on August 15th I pre-ordered Prometheus (DVD + E-copy) from Sainsbury's (they had an offer on and I had some e-vouchers and discount-codes to use, so it cost me next-to-nowt).

The official release date is October 8th.

Today's date is only October 4th, yet Sainsbury's have just sent me an email to say that they've already put my pre-ordered DVD in the post.

How does that work?


Posted by on June 10th 2011 in Bargains

You know what it's like - you're out on the hills and it's time to make a brew or a meal. You get the kit out and find that in your rush to get away earlier you didn't clean the pan/mug/spoon and now it's all looking a bit unhealthy. To add insult to injury all your tinder for your wood-burner is damp, you've run out of belly-button fluff, it's rained all day and you can't find any dry stuff to get you started.

You need one of these:




These handy wipes are brilliant - not only do they kill a multitude of nasty bugs that might be contaminating your cookset, they also burn like stink at the slightest provocation so they're great for starting your twig-furnace. If you click the pics to see the bigger versions you can read the box-blurb to see just what's what.

The wipes are in individual sealed foil sachets and have a 4-year shelf-life. Each sachet is a measly 5g. These boxes of 20 are currently on sale again for just £1.49 at Aldi.

Just one bit of advice - don't keep them in your first-aid kit. Accidentally use one of these instead of an antiseptic wipe to clean up a wound and it's not a pleasant experience.

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