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These boots aren’t made for walkin’…

Posted by on November 25th 2009 in TKMaxx

These Karrimor Snow Fur boots are so roasty-toasty that my feet would probably parboil if I wore them for a decent walk. As footwear for being out in the cold doing more sedentary stuff, however, they're excellent. I wore them all night long a few nights ago while out using the scope, and didn't feel the cold at all despite getting the outsides of them thoroughly wet due to the dew on the long grass of the lawn. They're a fine pairing with the Astrobreeks so long as nobody's looking!

Here's a cut&paste of the text from the 2009 Karrimor Footwear Catalogue:

  • Uppers utilising top quality waterproof, stain-resistant leathers; using Karrimor’s exclusive weathertite® waterproof and breathable laminate bootie lining and Thinsulate™ insulated fabrics for comfort in cold, wet conditions.
  • Added fit benefits of asymmetrical lateral tongue post, and internal pockets and pads for added comfort, fit and support.
  • Moulded Shell design for better traction in soft snow

If you feel the urge to get some for yourself, they're being sold off super-cheap at TKMaxx.



They seem suitable for use in a boat while trout and salmon fishing, where there's no room for walking about to warm the feet. I'll have to wait until next spring to test that theory.


Blue Suede Shoes II

Posted by on November 20th 2009 in TKMaxx
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Here you go - a much better piccy of the Mantas, primarily because this pair have been liberated from TKMaxx and are now taking refuge in our house.



Well, it would have been stupid to have ignored such a bargain.


Blue Suede Shoes?

Posted by on November 19th 2009 in TKMaxx
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So, who's in need of some quality B2-rated winter boots? If you've got small feet, this may interest you...

TKMaxx are flogging Scarpa Manta M4s at rock-bottom prices. The Atherstone branch had UK Size 5 @ £58 and UK Size 4 @ £39.

I've had a good look at them and can't find any faults. Sorry the pics are naff, but I only had the phone's camera and the lens is screwed.


Silly Season at TKMaxx Tamworth

Posted by on May 5th 2007 in Shiny new kit, TKMaxx

Today's little gems:

Salomon Pro Trek 7 GTX boots (with Ortholite insoles). "Trekking and glacier walking. Highly technical waterproof GTX trekking boot with semi-automatic crampon compatibility." Various sizes and half-sizes, mostly £39.99, some pairs just £19.99

Salomon Techamphibian shoes. Various sizes and half-sizes, M and F, mostly £19.99, some pairs just £9.99

Lowe Alpine DryZone long-sleeved tee. Blue, various sizes £11.00 (bought one of these)

Keela Belay jackets now down to £9.00

But the pick of the bunch had to be...

Lowe Alpine Expedition Pants (salopettes). TriplePointCeramic, Black, few sizes, all priced at £26.00 except for one pair of size small which were labelled up at the ridiculous price of £11.00 (bought these for Ella to use next winter).

New boots and panties

Posted by on March 31st 2007 in Bargains, Shiny new kit, TKMaxx

Went over to Go Outdoors (Coventry) today to get some kit for Ella's impending school trip to France. She found some Mountain Hardwear Micro Chill Zip Tees for £20, and I couldn't resist snapping up a pair of Raichle Fusion Mid XCR boots for myself, they're not bad for £49. There are some really good boot deals on there at the moment, more than they advertise on their new-look website. We had a look at the Vango Hurricane 200 tent, they are selling for £139 which seems a fair price. I didn't buy one, though, as I can do without the grief I would get from SWMBO.

TKMaxx (Nuneaton) was trawled as well, I picked up some Lowe Alpine DryFlo Briefs for just £4 a pair. Ella found a size 8 Craghoppers Kiwi fleece jacket for £14, it was such a good fit that it had to be bought.

Do you remember my blog entry about the Keela Belay jacket?

Posted by on March 15th 2007 in Shiny new kit, TKMaxx

Well, they're selling for a paltry 20 notes at TKMaxx. I got one from the Leicester branch this morning. Size L, it fits perfectly over the top of my medium Rab VR Climb. Can't wait to try out this layering combo on the hill, and looking at the forecast for next week, it might be tried in the snow 🙂

Edit: Forgot to credit my friend and fellow OMer, the legendary Captain Paranoia. Thanks, CP, for bringing the price reduction to my attention.

Another TKMaxx rummage

Posted by on February 2nd 2007 in TKMaxx

Yesterday I had another rummage through the bargain-rails at TKMaxx Nuneaton. Here are the results, in no particular order:

  • Keela Phantom Softshell Jackets - Polyester and Spandex, the thick stretchy stuff. Various colour combinations and sizes, £39.99.
  • Zojirushi Tuff Slim Flasks - Small ones only, can't remember the stated capacity, £7.99.
  • Lowe Alpine Deimos Trousers (samples) - 3xDry Schoeller Extreme Dryskin, Limestone grey, Men's 32" waist, £59.99. They also have samples of a similar version (darker grey, no name-tag) with different pocket and ankle configurations. Now, these aren't really a bargain at this price, but every so often they reduce the odd pair to £30 which is not to be sniffed at. I bought a pair of the darker ones last year (at £30, of course!) and they have been excellent in all conditions.
  • They still have some of those nice Keela Belay Jackets as per my previous TKMaxx blog, they've not dropped in price yet 🙁
  • They had a new batch of Keela waterproof fleece jackets (water-repellent fleece outer with a fully-taped waterproof breathable lining) - very comfy, fits well but too warm for me, I was tempted to get one for somebody I know until I found that the detachable hoods were missing from all of the jackets. Apparently, they were delivered without any hoods, so maybe not such a bargain at £29.99.

TKMaxx rummage

Posted by on January 10th 2007 in TKMaxx

This morning was spent rummaging through the bargain-rails at TKMaxx Nuneaton. Listed here are the items that caught my eye:

  • Keela Belay Jackets - Primaloft insulation, Cranberry or Ice Blue, S, M, L, £39.99, I'll probably get one of these when they drop below £20.
  • Lowe Alpine Dryflo baselayers - crew-neck short-sleeve tee, navy, various sizes, £9.99
  • Helly Hansen Fox Down Vest - no idea about the fill-rating, not a lightweight item but looks robust with plenty of pockets inside and good handwarmers outside. Green with red panels, M, S, £29.99
  • Salomon Ortholite Softshell Shoes - grey, seamless, various sizes, £29.99
  • Raichle Goretex XCR Shoes - weird orange/grey/black things with a zipped sleeve around the ankle, various sizes, £39.99
  • KSB Orkney Leather Boots - tan, various sizes, £49.99
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